Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Notes to Self, Che

The plan was to just write this down in a piece of paper (in other words, notes) but hey, it's even better that it can be a useless blog entry.

To download later this month:
+ The Big Bang Theory (Sept 22)
+ The Mentalist (Sept 22)
+ Fringe (Sept 23)
+ Gossip Girl** (Sept 26)

(**For the wife* only.)


che said...

Siisay si Self?

JQUIZ. said...

Bill Self.

che said...

Siisay na Bill Self?

Ang bistado ko Don Self from Prison Break. :)

che said...

Tano magkamukha ang avatar ta? Is this the same person?

JQUIZ. said...

Ay sports palan 'tong Bill Self kaya dae mo bisto. Hehe.

Random pic lang yan baby from a random google search.

che said...

Hehe. Random baby talaga yan!