Sunday, August 24, 2008

24/7 Olympics - Day Fifteen-slash-Sixteen

i don't think i will be posting after the Olympics. Because i can and will finally have a long, long sleep...

(Not before enough beer though.)

Finally, finally. Done and done and done and done and done and done...

(Actually there's one more show to finish, as of now, August 24, 5:14 a.m.)

And the final day images of the Office Olympians:

From the white board which by then was white as white (NO MORE FUCKING SEQUENCE GUIDE/PROJECTED CONTENT FOR THE DAY) to the final shoot featuring half the Olympics Update hosts to the awarding of medals (booze) at Gerardo's (Yaon talaga diyan si Bobby Yan sa inuman, dae lang napicturan ta nawalat ko sa kotse ni Bobby Yan ang camera sa first part kang inuman) and finally, the booze bottle to cap off the looong week.