Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One U begins today (Really now)

Almost done with a pair of segments for the initial episode featuring the hosts Mico Halili and Krissy Tiu. Today's analysts will be Mike Abasolo and Kim Lesaca from the www.inboundpass.com team. There are actually three others, Charlie Cuna, Tony Atayde and Chris Soler who will be rotating on a weekly basis as guest of the newest college hoops show in television!

i did post in earlier entries about the show but because of the Olympics the pilot episode was postponed to a later date. And that day is now. Sports Desk, Finish Line, World's Most Amazing Videos and House of Hoops (which would be making a return soon. You heard it here first)

Four down, another to go? Who cares. But the team embarks on yet another new venture. The logos above were the original proposals and the 6th one ( the second one better however (row one, column two) by the way. Also posted below are some of the images from the Solar studios: