Friday, December 5, 2008

Pain and Common Sense

We lost the game. Actually, we never even took the lead. It was a matter of just putting a good run (White did cut the lead down to two points sometime in the fourth quarter) but it never came. That's the bad news... The good news/bad news is... i never got to play.

15 minutes before tipoff, it was the usual pregame warm-up for both squads--- a little shooting, lay-up and running... Then it hit me, i couldn't run!!! i couldn't even get a rebound the ball bouncing off one foot away from me! Imagine, what could have happened during the game!

In the end, the ankle told me that this wasn't to be. This wasn't going to be the night that i was going to suit up... Destiny, in the end won once again. And i hate losing. (To fate or any other being or non-being)

That said, there's Game Three on Tuesday and i am still not even sure that i am going to play. My teammates are pissed off and so am i. More than anything, very pissed off with ourselves (i acted as pseudocoach by the way because that spot doesn't need your ankles to work) and our performance.

Heck, it's 1-1 and we still have a chance to win this 'ship. To play or not to play, that is the question. To win or not win, that is the bigger issue.