Tuesday, December 30, 2008

False Teeth and the Not-so-false Alarm.

A couple of sleep days before the new year and there's a couple of very important changes that will most likely affect more than a couple of things in two thousand and nine.

Good news-bad news time! Starting with the good news that i (finally) got myself a set of false teeth to cover up err... the missing parts. High time to flash that killer smile once again--- assuming it was ever there. On a more serious note, i was starting to get comfortable with missing a few of 'em and just flash that who-cares-how-i-look half-smile half-smirk... but it's simply better this way--- because after all, however fake it feels, it projects a better you. (They call it vanity, i call it necessity) However, still eff-you to those who think less of another because they miss a tooth or two--- we are not what we wear, including false teeth. (And i am still reeling from the fact that a percentage of the 13th month pay went to this necessity. Computations say that i could have had three Magic: The Gathering decks and around five Magic: The Gathering booster packs. The priorities were re-arranged this week, and i hate myself and my false teeth)

That was part of the bad news, the other bad news is that i can not pronounce the letter "s". i am making a shound that is not really the letter s. Shhhit. (Tangent to this one, i am going back to the dentisht later and raishe hell. That, or ashk nicely if we could adjust it a little bit... for a little more freedom for the tongue, becaushe it hurtsh a little bit ash well)... Tangent to that tangent, i am the kind of person who cuts his tongue whenever there's a public gathering of sorts (also called office meetings, random conversations with strangers and the general lack of social skills with associates and friends)... Imagine the horror: figuratively amputated tongue + literally impaired tongue = even more *crickets* :p

The other good news is that i finally got my lab test results (one month overdue) for the bum ankle--- xray showed that it wasn't fractured and the doctor's advice was for the Uric Acid examination... B
lood levels showed that i have a +163.80 umol/L than normal. If that was a fantasy league figure i'd be celebrating by now. But no... According to recent research here's what that practically means (copy pasted resources below):
Excess serum accumulation of uric acid can lead to a type of arthritis known as gout. Elevated serum uric acid (hyperuricemia) can result from high intake of purine-rich foods, high fructose intake (regardless of fructose's low Glycemic Index (GI) value) and/or impaired excretion by the kidneys. Saturation levels of uric acid in blood may result in one form of kidney stones when the urate crystallizes in the kidney. These uric acid stones are radiolucent and so do not appear on an abdominal plain x-ray or CT scan. Their presence must be diagnosed by ultrasound for this reason. Very large stones may be detected on x-ray by their displacement of the surrounding kidney tissues. Some patients with gout eventually get uric kidney stones.
In short, the revenge of the Red Horse. Fret not, though that's according to Doctor Google there's hope after an appointment with a real doctor later today--- maybe, just maybe he allows a beer or two a week and that's not such a bad thing (and the real struggle indeed is eating your favorite food versus being able to play basketball... That issue deserves an entry of its own)

Enjoy the rest of 2008, because i am goddamn going to. Before 2009 strikes and i get real serious about this (uric acid) business.