Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantasy Choke

Fantasy year summary:
Money Leagues: 2nd (Head-to-head), 5th (Head-to-head), 9th (Roto), 2nd (Roto)
Fun Leagues: 1st (Head-to-head), 2nd (Head-to-head), 11th (Head-to-head)

It''s a mediocre finish by all means. What hurts is the fact that in three leagues where i ended up with a silver finish were the same leagues i was leading for much of the season.

That people is an example of choking in sports. It's equivalent to a missed (open) lay-up during a crucial moment in a basketball game. You are almost there. Operating word: almost. There are many reasons why such choking happened. Maybe you just did not have heart for it (folding under pressure) or simply just did not have enough skills to do so. In this case, it's a little bit of both.

It's a little bit of fate and stupidity as well. Some things you just can't control (injuries to key players, unforeseen incidents that caused you to missed add/dropping key players at key times, etc) and some things you controlled (add/dropped a few risky players which you THOUGHT will play/contribute that day, relaxed on days you shouldn't have relaxed i.e. getting Jason Williams 2-3 days during the finals of one head-to-head championship, missing games intentionally for certain playes, also called "faltering mathematics skills.)

Either fate or your own undoing it all resulted to mediocrity. And like after every choke job, all you wish for is another chance next time. That said, see you fuckers, i'll be back with a vengeance next year. i enjoyed every bit of adding and dropping and failed trade attempts, just like always. And knowing these guys i played with, they feel exactly the same.

And oh, that was the bad news. There is one good news i have to tell. The mediocre finish, the choke job still netted me this one cool item:

So yeah, until next year fuckers. Until next year. (And when i call you fuckers, that means you're one cool dude because you played with me in one of my fantasy leagues)