Friday, September 9, 2011

Finally, attending Traslacion after years...

Dae sa plano ko pa (or dati), dae na talaga ko makak-buya sa pagkabuhay ko.

In short, hi-tech na talaga kita. 4-5 years from now, pwede na magbuya-- via clicking a button. Baka ngani may stats pa yan-- pira nagbubuya, pira burat.

Also, additional notes;

+ Nakaka-ogma man dangogon sarong "coverage" in pure Bikol. (Aram mong pure ta 30% kang mga tinataram dae ko maintindihan)

+ Father Bersabe daa saro commentator. Garo si pinsan ko pa ni. (+ Confirmed, ta next shot nahiling ko on-cam si hosts. Si Father Philip palan. Pinsan ko talaga.)

+ Mauli na ko. Fiesta weekend dawa harayo sa Naga. Makakan na lang grabe starting tomorrow 'til next week (end) para fiesta week man daa.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Notes to Self, Che

The plan was to just write this down in a piece of paper (in other words, notes) but hey, it's even better that it can be a useless blog entry.

To download later this month:
+ The Big Bang Theory (Sept 22)
+ The Mentalist (Sept 22)
+ Fringe (Sept 23)
+ Gossip Girl** (Sept 26)

(**For the wife* only.)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lumang Eskwela, Green Dazed, Etc

10:37 AM: Bamboo screams, "... sa panaginip lang ako nakakatulog!" Inarguably, this is the best song (entitled "Hilo") written by Rico Blanco. In the days when rivermaya was still rivermaya, Rico wasn't a sellout (Imortal Ampotah.), Bamboo just sang and danced and sang (and not try to compose songs which sound alike other songs in the same album.) Nathan Azarcon was cool (and i think he's still cool) and Mark Escueta just played the drums (and not revive a hapless, tasteless new rivermaya, which basically destroyed the legacy of the old River Maya) Oh well and oh fuck. To the old times.

1:39 PM: Billie Joe at the background, "i saw my friend the other day, and i don't know exactly just what he became. It goes to show... It wasn't long ago, i was just like you. And now i think i'm sick and i wanna go home." Fiel at the back of my mind.

2:42 PM: By the way, the wife* ate lunch buffet-style at Shang as she had a meeting there. i had a rather bland boneless bangus from Reyes Barbecue right across our building. Not fair.