Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No flash in the pan

We could go all day discussing about it but i won't back down. Sure, sure... Wayward passes and ill-advised shots are some of the things that you will most likely remember but he sure knew how to play the game of basketball--- and more importantly, play it his way.

Normally, i am never this biased in life. i usually call a spade a spade. And i call out people and their supposed weaknesses when i see it. And as everything in life, i have my exceptions. After all this is player which showed me that there is a game within the game, and that you can make your mark on this game by playing it YOUR way.

Last Saturday, Jason Chandler Williams announced his retirement from the basketball. Okay. i am not even sure if it was indeed last Saturday that he made the announcement but a JWill fanatic (Thanks, Jake wherever you are in General Santos City) did send me a text message regarding the (bad, bad) news... As i was in the middle of work (shoot) i had a reason then not to react so strongly to the news (Though Jake knows via the messages that i felt strongly about it) as i did not want it to get in the way of work. (Of course, i failed.)

Now that work is out of the way (Well, kind of...) here's a little tribute to the player who practically showed me why i love the game. Michael Jordan and the 90's PBA introduced me to the game, but Jason was the one who told me this was my passion and that i should pursue it. So much so that i mimicked (tried to anyway) his moves inside the court and religiously followed the Kings, Grizzlies and Heat games throughout his 10-year career. Yes people, the Philippines doesn't have NBA League Pass here but through the ever reliable BOXSCORE/PLAY BY PLAY from Yahoo or ESPN sites, i was able to feed the addiction.