Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lumang Eskwela, Green Dazed, Etc

10:37 AM: Bamboo screams, "... sa panaginip lang ako nakakatulog!" Inarguably, this is the best song (entitled "Hilo") written by Rico Blanco. In the days when rivermaya was still rivermaya, Rico wasn't a sellout (Imortal Ampotah.), Bamboo just sang and danced and sang (and not try to compose songs which sound alike other songs in the same album.) Nathan Azarcon was cool (and i think he's still cool) and Mark Escueta just played the drums (and not revive a hapless, tasteless new rivermaya, which basically destroyed the legacy of the old River Maya) Oh well and oh fuck. To the old times.

1:39 PM: Billie Joe at the background, "i saw my friend the other day, and i don't know exactly just what he became. It goes to show... It wasn't long ago, i was just like you. And now i think i'm sick and i wanna go home." Fiel at the back of my mind.

2:42 PM: By the way, the wife* ate lunch buffet-style at Shang as she had a meeting there. i had a rather bland boneless bangus from Reyes Barbecue right across our building. Not fair.