Monday, August 22, 2011

Return of Random Rants

It's tough when you can't write full paragraphs coherently. Meaning: i can't write like i used to write anymore. While i have been in a writing job (see last post) the last 6-8 months, i forgot how to write. Well, there are certain notes at facebook, at best i saw it as mediocre writing-- still honest, but i am simply not satisfied with my work there.

It's even tougher when you can't think coherently. Meaning: day-in day-out (and/or night-in and night-out) there are literally a million thoughts running inside your head. And i just want 0.01% of these thoughts to come out, maybe written into a blog entry, make sense out of it.

It's not happening though. So why try? Fuck coherence, i'll just have to write and write and write. Maybe they'll take form on their own.

1:22 PM: About an hour ago, i just texted Che that my shit smells like the shit of Qube. So it's either his shit really smells now; or we've been eating the same food. i am sure i DID NOT partake any of his Gerber (mixed veggies) the last three days; but i AM NOT sure if i shared during his breastfeeding sessions during the wee hours of the morning. So that could be the reason. (Note: i did not text Che that this will make the blog so...)

1:42 PM: Back to back songs from Soul Asylum and Blur from the winamp (randomized) playlist. And i think of the fucker named Ronald James Panis. Fuck fuck fuck. The guy had to die before he could meet Qube. The guy had to die before countless Marvel films too. And a Gaiman HBO series in 2014. Oh shit, i miss the guy badly.

2:59 PM: Not sure if the boss will like me posting in my blog during work hours. However, i doubt he reads the blog. And if he does, i just hope he understand that every 15 or 30 minutes my mind has to wander away from American Football-- else the work suffers. (Excuses actually but really i need to get away from it every once in a while.)

5:21 PM: Today is offset day. Went home early last Friday because of Qube's vaccination. So i have to grind two extra hours today to offset for that under time. Well it's a better option than salary deduction. So i stay... It's a ghost town already when the office is full. What more now?

5:42 PM: So yeah, the former boss name is Jeff and a new boss is named Jeff as well. Does this mean i shall last for ONLY 6 months only as well? i won't delve into specifics but this is United Kingdom vs. Canada right here.