Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fantasy fever begins! (Really now)

Last year, i lucked out on a couple of fantasy basketball tournament winning two leagues (both head-to-head leagues) by virtue of persistence ang general knowledge of the game (It takes skill, but i have yet to use that in number one, league trades, as most are iffy to deal with me and number two, i always have an issue or two with my draft picks) So anyway, here we go again with another year of the the most addictive game in the world--- fantasy sports, or specifically fantasy NBA!

There's a play by play for the games, and here's a play by play for one of my leagues (Center for Sportscasting or CSC league):


Sir Noel Z just announced the draft order (via YM)... and i pick last. Good that we use the snake format meaning, i get to pick first in the second round and that is on an alternating basis all througout..


First round. Somebody picked Dwight Howard as the 3rd over all pick... i think that was too high (or was i hoping that drop to the 17th?)

10th pick and already 9 out 10 in my priority list is gone. This is going to be interesting. The somebody picks TMac as the 10th pick! Go figure! This is going to be interesting!

My turn: i pick Al Jefferson (MIN) and Kevin Martin (SAC) for my first two picks... Hoping that this Kevin Martin pick works this year--- all because i am 3 of 3 in my leagues for KMART so far...


Second and Third round. Thinking if i should get a big, which is my strategy the last couple of years or so but has not worked in roto leagues... Danny Granger just got autopicked. i say, the autopick of the year (so far) and if that manager wins this league, i will remember this day...

Middle third and Steveee Nash still available? Hmmmmm.

Oh fuck just as i typed that the Canadian is picked...

Second round is over: Around 10 players still on the top of my priority list... Not bad, maybe i can still get the player i really want..

Third round.. Except for Greg Oden going early, no surprises yet...

For the second back to back of the day, i selected Andres Biedrins and Mike Dunleavy... Ouch. i knew i wasn't getting Biedrins late in the 5th... Risky picks but may payoff...


Fifth round. Somebody got Shaq. There goes my Plan D.

... i still need a point guard. i'd be making back to back points, just to make a point! We will see in 10 minutes... Shoot, Andre Miller, Rajon Rondo and TJ Ford, gone.... Change of plans: as all the points i wanted were taken i took another pair of wings..

Luol Deng and Richard Jefferson...

7thto final rounds... 7th pick is Beno Udrih and 8th is (another) risk Derrick Rose.. 9th pick i went with Orlando's new starting shooting guard Mikael Pietrus and then at 10th, Zaza Pachulia...

3 bench spots to fill: looking for a couple of (shotblocking) bigmen and another point would do...

2 bigs for the 11th and penultimate pick... Rasho Nesterovic and Brandon Bass...

All in all i am weak at the point guard spot but i think i will compete we will see.


PG – Beno Udrih
SG – Kevin Martin
G – Derrick Rose
SF – Mike Dunleavy
PF - Zaza Pachulia
F – Luol Deng
C – Al Jefferson
C - Andres Biedrins
Util – Richard Jefferson
Util - Mikael Pietrus
BN – Brandon Bass
BN – Rasho Nesterovic
BN - Marco Bellinelli