Tuesday, December 15, 2009


6th SABL Conference: Evolution AVP
Script by: Ogie Belenzo/Pierre Salas/Xtian Encarnacion/Raul Maningat
VO by: Ogie Belenzo/Pierre Salas
GFX by: Ron del Mundo
Edited by: Richie D' Horsey

Evolution daw!

Yes. That's the theme of the sixth conference of the Solar-Antipolo Basketball League--- time goes by so fast i did not realize that i have already played for four "franchises" in this fledgling league (currently slightly better than the PBL since they have five teams and we have seven.) i have a collection of a Yellow, Black, White and Purple jerseys to show for it which means a couple of possibilities: a) Teams demand my services and they need me. or b) Teams trade my ass as soon as they realize me and my turnovers are detrimental to the team.

Either way, the fun in being a journeyman? Yes, i can collect those jerseys. And the shoes (when budget permits) adjust to the team motif.

The better part of it? i have had a couple of Finals appearances. That's 2-0 versus the TMacish-jinx named Kristian Encarnacion.

Anyway, today should be the last day of the sixth conference. As of this writing, White is battling Blue with the latter leading the best-of-three Finals, one-to-none. Don't tell Pierre and Ron that though; they might prove me wrong, and we'll hear the news when we meet later on.

Since it's the sixth conference of the SABL, here are SIX FAST FACTS about this conference:


This list is as big as Blue's point spread over their opponents this conference but i don't have insider info on other team's i'd stick with what i know and the rumors:

+ Paul Navarro versus former teammates Pierre Salas, Ron del Mundo and Kristian.
+ Donjie C/Toto versus former teammates Gelo Pazcoguin and Crosby Menodiado (after three championships in the first three conferences it's weird that you see them on opposite ends of the court.)
+ Ron versus Kristian.
+ Kristian versus Ogie. (i am not sure if they were friends before.)
+ Sir Binoy versus Ryan. Former franchise players for the one-time champion Green.
+ Clear Boys Ermil and Mac.

+ Kristian versus myself, now with White team. i demanded a trade the moment i knew we'd reunite. (It's actually a friend-to-foe-then-comrade-to-enemy-cycle. i miss trash talking with him though.
+ Raul and Paolo versus Ryan A. and Ariel. i knew they had some pretty interesting battles during the Red versus White championship a conference ago. Now teammates with Blue.
+ Jojo and Toto and Binoy, now with Purple. Inarguably, franchise players for their respective teams in the previous conference.

+ Pierre versus everyone else. ('cause you see, this is the year Pierre used his "varsity" experience and bullied everyone smaller than him ... i have been saying it for so long, if Pierre plays to his potential his team should win the championship.
+ Kristian is actually the third leading scorer for the Purple team. Which is a good thing because that's his game, and not a point guard. And which is also a bad thing, because you'll hear from him all day long after a good game.
+ THE ENTIRE BLUE TEAM. All star squad. More on this later.

+ i was with Clear during the drawing of players (draw lots for the draft) and when i've learned that the Blue team had picked players like it's for All Star Weekend. With Paolo Mariano among the tribunal of commissioners who handled the draft... You know where i am getting at. (And Paolo will deny this of course.) Then again, they just worked hard on their consistency and chemistry--- something you can't easily do. So i guess i'd have to congratulate Paolo tomorrow.
+ The second and last conspiracy is that they forced me to team up with Kristian.


This is oh-so-true:
+ Andrew's consistent and loud trash talk? Heck, he's more enjoyable to watch than the entire Coca Cola Tigers, Barako Bull and San Antonio Spurs combined. (And the opposite when you are one of his nemesis on the court.)
+ Paul Navarro's veteran moves. Heck, whoever said height is might have not met Mr. Navarro and his elbows.
+ Pierre Salas' crazy bulk and mad stares. Heck, good luck with running into him.
+ Ron del Mundo's pre-game huddle prayers.

And of course, the usual whines and realizations about...


+ Referees for this conference took the traveling call to another level. Even the FIBA referees are not that strict. And everyone agrees that they disagree with the refs call regarding this one. The verdict? CHANGE THE REFS! (Again.)

+ That Paolo is still short with the budget. Meaning the cash prize is again in dire straits. The verdict? Enough with the moolah as antes, trophies-of-pride-and-bragging-rights will do!


To end, congratulations to everyone. We have a seventh conference by February and that means all of us will be winners once again. (Though that's what losers say all the time.)

Friday, November 27, 2009

B.S. is a Pacman Fan

Yup. Bill Simmons is a Manny Pacquiao fan.

Q: If the boxing higher-ups had any sense whatsoever they would give us Pacman/Mayweather in six months. I would stop everything to have a fight night party for this event. I have not paid for a boxing event since Holyfield/Lewis in 1999 but I would spend at least $300-$500 to see this. What is the holdup?
-- Seth Johnson, Middletown, N.Y.

SG: It's going to be disappointing. Just warning you now. Floyd Mayweather Jr. could never in a million years trade punches with Manny Pacquiao. He will be on his bicycle for 12 rounds. There is no way that, at this point in his life, Mayweather wants any part of Pacquiao, a concrete-headed, indefatigable freak of nature who can finish with either hand from every angle. If Mayweather gets in the ring, he'll end up doing more laps than Steve Prefontaine did for the University of Oregon. Just keep your guard up when you're spending that $64.95.

(Important note: Will I be spending that money? Of course! Happily! I made the decision during Pacman's glorious evisceration of Miguel Cotto that he finally had reached the exalted "I Don't Care Who You Are Fighting, I Am Watching It Live & That's That" status, which puts him in the following company: Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tyson. My own personal Mount Rushmore. Pacquiao hit Tiger/Federer status about a year ago, and nobody cared. That's why he needs the Mayweather fight so badly. We've seen dominant pound-for-pound guys these past two decades, but nobody with finishing power anything like what Pacman has. He's like a coked-up Aaron Pryor, only without the coke. Insane. If he's fighting, I am watching.)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The toughest part in losing in poker with friends is

It's fucking fun. Especially when the River is extended to the Ocean.

Shit. i have to stop gambling, even for fun, it's becoming really addicting (half-warning and half-kidding to self.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The toughest part in losing is...

when you realize you've done everything you are supposed to do and you still come up short. Or did i indeed?

Monday, October 26, 2009

In Defense of...

A friend accused me of involving too much money with my sports addiction. (In other words, i gamble too much) and that it (kind of) veers away from being a sports fan. Well, yes and no. Since i discovered fantasy basketball way back in 2001~2002 there were times when i forgot to remember the Final Score of the Game but memorized the Individual Statistics of the Players. Then, when the money got involved, there's a "business" side of it that you have to take it a little more seriously--- but fret not, the fun part is still there. Believe me.

It's fun when you can buy your next pair of Adidas or your own HP Mini off your fantasy winnings. Believe that.

So without further ado, here's my line-up this year. And to avoid the jinx, here's the reverse-jinx disclaimer: i don't think i'd be able to win it all this year; i hated (most of) my draft results and i need to step it up via the waiver wire and/or add-drops to be able to be among the contenders.

To note, i will defend three crowns this year; Solar Bragging Rights (14 teams Roto), Radyo PBA-NBA (9 Teams Roto) and the CSC Live 09 (Head to Head, 14 teams). The other league, Solar Antipolo was where i finished runner-up last year because of Lebron James deciding he won't play in the final game. So all in all, am not whining from last year's performance. But the pressure is that i doubt i can repeat the same success...

Talking about the draft here are my line-ups for the money leagues this year.

Radyo PBA-NBA - 9 teams Roto (500 pesos | Top 3 in the Money)
PG - Chris Paul/Derrick Rose/Mo Williams
SG - Vince Carter/Ramon Sessions/Wilson Chandler
SF - Josh Smith/Hedo Turkoglu/Shane Battier
PF - Tim Duncan/Andrea Bargnani
C - David Lee/Greg Oden

Draft Luck: Picking number three i was ecstatic to see that the first pick was D-Wade! Meaning i will get either James or Paul!
Draft Bust: i fear TD's injury (2nd round), and to an extent, VC's... Then Smart Bro autopicked Mr. Shane Battier for me in the 9th round. We will see if that's destiny but he's the first guy that i shall flip for somebody else in the fat free agency.
Wildcards: Getting Oden with the last pick, i thought was a steal.

Patterns* (i have one rule of thumb in fantasy: get starters (or players with starter minutes) as many as you can. After all, you can't produce if you don't have playing time.): All players are expected to start for their respective teams.
Prediction: 3rd place. Last year in this league, i had a good start and then had a convincing finish. i think i (will) lack the finishing touches this year so i don't think it will be enough.

Solar Bragging Rights - 14 teams head-to-head (1500 | Top 3 in the Money)
PG - Rajon Rondo/Mo Williams/Rodney Stuckey
SG - Brandon Roy/
Peja Stojakovic/
SF - Shawn Marion/Trevor Ariza/Boris Diaw
PF - Kevin Love/Michael Beasley/Andrei Blatche*
C - Al Jefferson/Ronnie Turiaf

Draft Luck: Last year, i lucked out in the draft when i picked Chris Paul with the top pick. This year, it's time to prove that one can win in Roto even without the top three selection. And my first pick this year is Brandon Roy. i went to a small-big combination in the top two selecting Al Jefferson in the second round. A week later, reports say that Big Al is again, unhealthy and having Achilles problems. Tough luck.

Draft Bust: i may have put Rondo (3rd round) and Marion (4th) in my list, but the way the competitive draft selection was going i had to go for the risky picks. Rondo exploded in the Chicago Bulls series last time and i am hoping being in the contract year will push him further. Marion meanwhile is this year's enigma. i know, i know i know when Josh Howard comes back there are going to be issues with playing time and production but i trust Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion, i think we'd see a semblance of the Matrix old days with the run and gun Phoenix Suns.
Wildcards: Obviously, everyone is looking at Trevor Ariza these days. All i know is i need for him to be consistent. Peja was one of those picks; either i luck out or i flip him two weeks from now.
Everyone is a starter except for Blatche (will see major minutes in the first month with Jamison out) Turiaf (i expect at least 15-20 minutes with 2 blocked shots!) and Stojakovic.
Prediction: 6th place. Tough one to swallow but i see it happening. The early injuries does not help. i think i need a real good pick-up in free agency to be able to compete.
CSC Live '09 - 14-team head-to-head (1000 | Winner Takes All)
PG - Dwyane Wade/Raymond Felton/Brandon Jennings
SG - Vince Carter
SF - Caron Butler/Tayshaun Prince/Boris Diaw
PF - Andrea Bargnani/Anderson Varejao/Matt Bonner
C - Al Horford/Shaq O'neal/Greg Oden/Ronnie Turiaf

Draft Luck: At number 5... Dwyane Wade fell into my lap. i understand other manager plan to choose Dwight Howard (4th pick) but it forced me to drop my big-big-big strategy and went the other way: wings-wings-wings. (Wade-Butler-Carter)

Draft Bust: Butler had good seasons the past couple of years. How will the return of Agent Zero affect his production? Will he again miss time in the last few weeks of the regular season? And on another SF, will Tayshaun Prince be ever comfortable again with the Pistons system?
Wildcards: The 1-2-3 picks set the tone; i needed a big in the mid-to-late rounds: acquiring BOTH giants Shaq and Oden WAS big. Or so i think. (Until one or both of them misses time) And how about the Italian shooter Marco Bellineli? i think i will drop him before i end this blog entry. And Andrea please rebound this year...
Patterns: Jennings, Bellineli are the non-starters. And yes i don't have a passing point guard at all. Fret not, that is part of the plan. Prediction: 4th place. Being the defending champion, my consistent add-drop strategy is now out in the open. i expect every manager to do the same this year. What helps my (our) cause though is the fact that from two years ago (we had roto in this league last year) we had 20 teams and that was trimmed down to 14 this year... i have to double my efforts this year to repeat as champ (man, that sounds gooooodd.)

Solar Antipolo - 14 team head-to-head (300 | Top Three in the Money)
PG - Raymond Felton/DJ Augustin/Louis Williams
BoldSG - Kevin Martin/Anthony Parker
SF - Danny Granger/Hedo Turkoglu/Lamar Odom
PF - David West/Andrea Bargnani/Micheal Beasley/Udonis Haslem
C - Emeka Okafor

Draft Luck: None. Autopick and this is what i get. People are right on the selection where i exepected them to be.
Draft Bust: Hedo Turkoglu. Ugh. i think he will disappoint this year.
Wildcards: None. Maybe Louis Williams.
Patterns: Haslem, Odom, i hate their minutes and eventual non-production.
Prediction: An 8th place finish. If i could net a multiple trade sometime i expect to challenge for the bronze.
Team Air Ball Fast Facts:
+ 3/4 leagues - Andrea Bargnani
+ 2/4 leagues - Vince Carter, Michael Beasley, Raymond Felton and Hedo Turkoglu plus Marco Bellineli (dropped a day before the NBA season opener!)

+ i *heart* Matt Bonner (1/4 leagues)--- or better yet i got a boner for Bonner! nd i expect to pick him up over ALL leagues at some point in the season. Eff you McDyess, die die die. Eff you DeJuan Blair, i hope you hit the rookie wall earlier than expected. (This message is brought to you by the Matt Bonner, the #1 Token White Guy Fan Club.)
+ Prediction summary: 0 first place, one money finish (3rd place) 3 inside 4th-8th.
+ Meaning: i really believe i will suck in fantasy this year. So much for the plan of "dominating" the local fantasy scene.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tripping on Jack Trips

Over the weekend, i received a text message from my former boss who is now a pro poker player--- i don't exactly know the definition of a "pro poker player" but he fits the bill in my eyes. This was the same guy who saved me from the hell hole called Naga City four~five years ago and willingly dragged me to the heaven called Solar Entertainment which practically changed everything in my life (For good and bad)

Farthest left is Ron/Red, he's the one with the cap who looks like Jesus Christ--- you should have seen him when he had longer hair. Myself, Jester and a couple other APA pros.

Anyway, the text was a vote of confidence that i could take on "big time" players--- i was to serve as a replacement for one of the members of Team Asian Poker Academy. Replacement or not, i was simply too honored to say NO to him so i decided to join--- being a sort of rookie in these poker team tournaments was not an excuse--- much the same way it wasn't an excuse for him to hire a noob in the production world hiring me
four~five years ago. Fair deal. When life gives you lemons, you better make sure you order bottomless lemonade.

So on a Saturday afternoon with lack of sleep and lack of confidence, with cold sweat and even colder hands i was at the Big Ace Poker Club playing my first-ever poker team tournament.

From there, it all went downhill. Which was to say, i was on to a mediocre finish.

The problem with losing is that no matter what happened the previous days, you kind of get stuck in the moment. In this case, stuck with a mindset that mediocrity is all you are going to achieve. (i completely forgot the fact three days before the tournament i placed 3rd in one of Big Ace's tournament; i won 2,700 on that one but gave away 1,100 for the team event)

The problem with losing in front of your former boss-slash-savior? Your confidence is shaken to its roots. Then you get stuck again in a moment of realization that don't belong in this league.

Up until the next text message from Red that everything is cool and that he actually thinks i should start getting staked in online poker now.

Lemons and life.

And oh? My tourney story?

When life gives you a mid-pair called 7's. You don't try to bluff people. Especially (of course, after the fact) ones with a trio of Jacks.

Ugh. Sucked out big time.

But yeah. i won't deny it: am a gambler. And you can do nothing about it. See you at the

* All images from www.pokermanila.com

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They're Back!

Roughly two weeks before everything is CLEARED out. Am not sure if that is necessarily a good thing as everything is supposed to return to normalcy--- at least, work-wise and the daily grind.

Oh well.

The good news is that it's September and it's that time of year again that the women below return to my life:

(In any order)

Monday, September 14, 2009

You will be missed, Bong.

And more importantly, justice will be served. One way or the other.

Here's the sad, sad news (And as Marc Santos called it simply: badtrip.)
From this link:
Salon manager pinaliguan ng bala
(Pilipino Star Ngayon) Updated September 14, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Isang operation manager ng isang beauty salon na si Bong Felipe Bio V ang pinagbabaril at na­patay sa loob ng kanyang bahay sa Barangay Rizal, Makati City kamakalawa.

Natagpuan ang bang­kay ng biktima sa loob ng kanyang banyo. Nagtamo siya ng mga tama ng bala ng baril sa ulo at katawan.

Nakagapos pa ang mga kamay ng biktima at natatapalan ng packaging tape ang bibig.

Nabatid na nawawala naman ang pitaka ng bik­tima at cellphone habang wala namang iba pang ginalaw sa loob ng bahay.

Bagama’t hindi inaalis ng pulisya ang anggulong pagnanakaw, malaki na­man ang kanilang hinala na may malaking galit ang salarin sa biktima dahil sa dami ng tama ng bala sa ulo at katawan. Posible rin umanong kilala ng biktima ang salarin dahil walang palatandaan na puwer­sahang pinasok ang ba­hay. (Danilo Garcia)


Lost for words really. Death is already a difficult thing as it is; and now this...


Felipe Bong Bio V was our high school guidance counselor. But for most in our batch he did more than guide and counsel; he was a true friend.

(Let it be known that i may never have survived high school without him. Sir Bong, you will be dearly missed.)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Officially a Magic (Transcription from the Jwill Presscon)

Being a little bit of a fan, i've transcribed most from the nba.com first interview by Jwill as a Magic:

The workout went well. It was a little longer than what I anticipated, but it was good. The results were great.

Obviously I can stay in gameshape without playing games…. I am not one who like running on treadmills or anything like that…

Ready to go in 2-3 weeks… From Day One last year from the first game on TV i missed the game… Just love of the game..

I know they are a pretty good team… They went to the Finals, they came up a little up short but… I just want to come in and help anyway I can whether 20 minutes a night on game or 2 minutes tomorrow…

The team is first and foremost, a good team.. and I lived here for 9 years so… I won’t have to move my family… stay home and play ball is what you want to do…

I initiated this deal back in ’98… (laughter)… but like I said, I am just thankful they gave me a chance… The teams is different from last year but the core of the group is the same.. If you look at their careers, they’re hungry so… they want a taste of the championship…

We talked a little about that (championship experience) but those guys were just worried whether could still move… obviously, I would have been too.. I took a year off, I am 33.. I would want to see before something happened…

I think the championship experience will rub off… but I don’t want to be vocal… they don’t need my leadership.. they’ve already got it. I am just here to help…

This is nothing like Brett Favre if that’s you are getting to. (laughter)… I retired under personal situations… like I said from day one I miss the game… my wife was happy that I was home but I was in the backroom watching games all night..

The main thing I’ve learned is that 3 kids is difficult to manage than 2 (laughter)… but it’s fun, nothing on the basketball level that I’ve learned…

I’m not one to look at a team on paper, man… paper doesn’t mean anything.. you got to get out there and do it..

Are you scared… (big squint) Scared? No. I’ve listened to everything but what stays that’s a different story… like selective hearing…

But one thing that sticks out was Hubie Brown… which might get me in trouble at times, might not but he said: Never to keep anything inside.. you don’t want to alter yourself… I will always remember that…

reporter asking the same question) … If you weren’t late, you would have known the answer… just kidding just kidding (more laughter)

I hope I make to retirement again, how about that..(laughter) just take this course and not look too far ahead.. Championship.. I think if any player that is not their ultimate dream something’s wrong… why play?

I miss the camaraderie in the locker room… Joking with…Just teasing your teammates… you can only tease your wife so much before you get into trouble…

Magical Farewell Tour Begins

Unlike the last time he joined the Clippers, this season and next FEELS LIKE Jason Williams' final FINAL tour of duty. It's meant to be the last. He's joining a team from his hometown and a real shot at the championship. Back-up or third-string, he doesn't care. And i don't care. Because finally he has a legit team to play for and me, a team to cheer for.

The man-who-shall-be-mentioned-in-this-blog-but-shall-never-be-named is going to cheer for the Boston Celtics. Christian for the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Enteng roots for Sammy Dalembert and the Philadelphia 76ers. Nyaknyak.) So this means this is going to be a very, very interesting year. Somebody's winning in June (If we our team manages to lose to the Lakers or Spurs is rather insignificant)...

Now, here's an article (and bolded are quotable quotes) from Jason's first interview as a member of the Orlando Magic from the Orlando Sentinel... and the video link to the presscon here:

Jason Williams: "I love to pass. Dwight Howard loves to score." posted by Tania Ganguli on Aug 20, 2009 4:55:19 PM We haven't heard much from Jason Williams since he returned from retirement this summer, and this morning he met with the media at RDV Sportsplex. You can read a little bit about his retirement and journey back in my story here. One thing we discussed with him was that flashy, hot-dog reputation he used to have. One of his assets now is that he's a veteran presence. And teams count on veteran guys for their experience and maturity.

Jason Williams mature? Could be.

"I don’t really pay attention to what you guys write in the papers, what people really think. You guys are going to write what you want and people are going to say what they want. I just want to go out and have fun and if throwing behind the back passes is what it takes to win that’s what I’m going to do it takes a regular bounce pass that’s what I’ll do too. I’m all about winning, now."

Williams was asked if he's matured. "I wouldn’t say matured because I’m still a kid at heart," Williams said. "I still do stupid things sometimes. When I’m out on the court I’m not worried about what people are thinking about my maturity level. I just want to win And as long as my teammates and coach knows that that's all that matters."

Williams was asked if the year off helped his body and if he'd be able to handle the load as a starter if Jameer Nelson got hurt again. "First of all, Jameer’s not going to get hurt," Williams said. "Secondly I signed a contract to do what they want me to do. If they want me to play 30 minutes I’ll do that. If they want me to play 10, I’ll do that. My body was feeling good before I took the year off. It just feels great now. Williams wasn't worried about having gotten a year older.

"I can be as good or better [than before retirement] because my teammates, look at those guys, how good they are. "I love to pass. Dwight Howard loves to score. He’s open he’s getting the ball and the rest will be easy. That’s kind of how it was when I went to Miami with Dwyane and Shaq. Those guys just make your job so much easier because there’s so much attention to them. You’re not going to worry about Jason Williams, you’re going to worry about Dwayne Wade. Cmon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Magic!

A pair of text messages from a pair of friends woke me up today. Still seething from poker badbeats and bad decisions last night (cost me a thousand) this news though is good as it gets... Finally, after a year or so of being a free agent-fan, i land with the Magic. Yes people, Jason Williams signed with the Orlando Magic.

Here's the text from Christian Castillo: Tinext ka man ni ***? Ayos man idol mo ay, nag unretire man daa! Arug-arog naman! (Translation: Jason Williams > Brett Favre in all this unretirement talks and news)

Here's the text from the man-who-shall-be-mentioned-in-this-blog-but-shall-never-be-named (patent pending, Enteng agrees in his blog): Starting today, I am no longer a fan of the Orlando Magic(s) because they signed Jason "SOPOT" Williams. Tsk tsk.

Why post that here? So that come June 2010 when the Magic earns their championship ring, or even before that--- Eastern Conference Finals probably when Williams and the Magic defeat Boston Celtics and
the man-who-shall-be-mentioned-in-this-blog-but-shall-never-be-named... i get to gloat that he IS NOT a Magic fan.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

FIBA Asia Quarters: RP vs. Jordan (Miracle or Massacre?)

The Fatigue Factor:

+ Wright has logged in a total of 180 minutes or an average of 30 minutes per game. Considering they have been blowing out teams left and right, this came as a surprise. + Four other players average 118+ minutes per game; i would like to believe this is their best five (Abaas, Daghlas, Idaais and Soobszokov) + Four other players at around 15 minutes per game

+ Miller leads the team in total minutes (141) for an average of 23.5. We know why, Helterbrand is playing injured. + Not too far are Baguio (129), Thoss (131) and Dillinger (115) + After that we have a six players who are playing in the 90-100 minutes range (15-20 minutes per game)

What does this tell us?
Jordan has an 8~9 man rotation and relies most of the time on Wright (as if we did not know that yet; Wright in action vs. China below, image courtesy of FIBA.COM) and the starters. Their relievers does not command big minutes normally and is not expected to

The Philippines meanwhile likes to use most of its players: a 10 man rotation which scatters the minutes around. Even Japeth who has contributed in the past is the 11th man--- injury or not, Yeng is adamant that he scatter the minutes to all contributors to avoid burnout from anyone.
Ultimately, the numbers won't matter as the adrenaline rush tomorrow would be off the roof--- after all, this could be their team's final crucial game. BUT at the end of the day t
hese well-conditioned athletes will feel the pressure and will feel a bit of fatigue as this is their 7th game in 9 days and the first game of the afternoon to boot. Fatigue factor, i think we can have the advantage if we can put the pressure on Jordan early--- and often--- on both ends. If they are going to score, make sure we make them work hard for it. A hard foul here and there is also an option, just to make them feel that we are there and we won't go away. On defense, you attack their offensive players. Wright and Abbaas they comprise about 1/3 of the production of the team (213 of 523 points) and their starters (or players with starter minutes) score 350+ of the 523 points, that's more than half the production.

Let them, force them to use their bench. Tire out the key players. Even as we do the opposite: scattered production majority of the game then, with an unknown player stepping up once again either in the 3rd or the 4th.
They have quality players no doubt about that; even higher quality than us. But we have the quantity. Average probably in international ball but could very well get us over the top with excellent team play.

Let's see if i have time to analyze all other stats. But this just in: i want to believe in miracles. RP by 3 points.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pinsan ko 'ni!

Actually i am applying to be her agent in the Philippines. Unang gig, sa Mayon Avenue, Naga City! Remember the name: Mona Natalie Bersabe!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Please Stop

Begged, stole and borrowed
Still it haunts
Forgive me please
For i can not forget

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Countdown to None

Inanity before insanity
the calm before the storm
the last stand before the fall
to resurrection
to realizations

Monday, July 27, 2009

Crossing Fate

and burned out.
One option left
(No quitting yet)
Question everything!
Counter all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

[Insert Product Name Here] [Insert Product Tagline Here]

Ah finally. Writing something not about work. Well, sort of.

Customers are always right. But in the business i am in, the client is god. We could leave it at that, or we could risk something like getting fired. But heck, writer's write. Damn the repercussions. One of the greatest fears of many in this craft is the so-called writer's block. Five cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes won't solve it. A bottle or two of beer won't work either. When you can't write, you just can't. It's one of the (non)mysteries in writing. Forcing it would mean a half-half-half-hearted effort (That's 12.5/100 for those who hate math) on any subject--- which could only mean that you shouldn't have started on it in the first place (Unless of course you want to settle for mediocrity)

But i have come to realize that this is not the greatest fear. There's also the so-called client's block. Five cups of coffee, a pack of cigarettes and probably more won't be enough to appease the violation on artistry. And no, please don't think that this is about the selfish me-me-me or that i put myself in a high chair and won't listen to any suggestions at all. This is about protecting the integrity of the craft and avoiding/going against commercialization of it at all costs. But to the ineffable gods, "at all costs" means shutting up and writing what they want to write. Damn the repercussions to quality. Damn the protection of integrity.

i love my job. Sports. Writing. Sportswriting. But the client's block just happened (Writer's block happens every other day, the level of tolerance is at an all-time high.) and i am starting to hate it because it just became commercialized writing. Product placement here, there and everywhere. Actually, come to think of it, this happened two months ago but it's only now that i am starting to NOT tolerate it. Key word: starting to. And like "fighting for what i deem right at all costs" means it is an empty threat; a lame attempt of opinion which would fall on deaf ears.

What's next then? Would QBE9 happen? (QBE9 is a bullet entry in my Digital Post-It Notes on my desktop which means Quit By Episode 9) i don't know. Let's cross the bridge when we get there. Assuming the bridge hasn't been burned yet.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Memphis: Where Incompetence Happens. Grizzlies Acquire Zach. Yes Zach FREAKING Randolph.

Nyak nyak.

Zach with New York (Good luck Grizzlies):

And some more Where Amazing Happens parodies found on youtube:

Kwame Brown:

Jeff Foster:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jigs' Free Haircut!

Ogma pa ta dae pa aram na bubulugan siya? (Translation: The calm before the storm?)
Relax pa man giraray. Excited pa ngani. Hilinga ang bitis. (Ready to dance!)
Naglaog na ang kalaban (term ni Jigs), aaaargh, go go laban! (tono ni Jigs) (Trans: "Lookie here, i'll bust this Kuya's ass!)
Poon nang tungkaon? Dae pa ngani napoon! (Tik-tak tik-tak, the reverse alarm clock has taken effect.)
Buhay ulit! Nagigirokan o nagiinarte lang? (Real trick or real tickles?)
Heek-heeee-heeek (Rrrrrrrr. Hehe. Rrrrrrrrr.)
Tapos na ngisi. Tungka na? (Haaaayawn. Ceasefire, ceasefire!)
Ano na? Bawal magpahingalo! (Ceasefire, ceasefire -Kuya.)
Rrrrrr. Balik ang kalaban balik ang tungka (Back to work, bothways.)
Matumba na... (3.... 2...)
Tagag! (Down, down, down!)
Pikit sa tungka o takot sa puling?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HBO Crushes the Carneys

Ah, maybe too late but a lot of other fans are (still) asking for the same thing:

Save Carnivale

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Posting this one for the sake of Philippine basketball. Down with BAP!


The Board of Trustees of Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, Inc. (SBP) wishes to express their gratitude to all of you who have given their support and contributed to the success of the numerous programs which the SBP has put in place to develop Philippine basketball. In the two (2) years since its inception, the SBP's influence, reach and leadership in Philippine basketball have been significant — particularly when viewed from the context of the four (4) decades of existence of its predecessor association, the Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP).

Referees Programs
1. Implemented the comprehensive National Referees Development Program (NRDP) which has already benefited more than four hundred (400) arbiters in its first year.
2. Regularly sends Filipino referees to International Referees' Clinics so that there are now eleven (11) Filipino FIBA-licensed International Referees compared with only four (4) when the SBP took over from the BAP, one of whom will officiate in the forthcoming world championships Jr. Men's in New Zealand.
3. Organized and fully-subsidized the series of elite referees' clinics conducted by Mr. Alan Richardson, FIBA International Instructor and Euroleague Supervisor for Referees.
4. Created an Elite Referees Pool whose members are now being used by SBP member leagues.

Coaches Programs
The SBP has implemented the National Coaches Accreditation and Licensing Program (NCALP) which already completed its first task of gathering and identifying over eight hundred (800) coaches
nationwide. Numerous coaching clinics are now being held to standardize our coaching techniques in line with our National Team Program.

Youth and Grassroots Programs
1. Stages various National Championships for different age groups and gender categories including the Philippine Champion's League where over two hundred (200) universities and colleges participated and the forthcoming National Junior Championships for boys and girls.
2. Founded the National Basketball Training Center (NBTC), the elite basketball school for 18 and under boys and girls.
3. Created the SBP 33, inspired by FIBA's 3-on-3 basketball program, to form competitive teams for the Asian Indoor Games, Asian Beach Games, Asian Youth Games and the Youth Olympics.

National Teams
The SBP maintains a robust and aggressive national team program for all age and gender categories. All National Teams are well-funded through the support of SBP sponsors and donors.
1. The SBP has a long-term program for our young Men's National Team with the objective of qualifying for the London Olympics in 2012, and improving our currently low standing in the FIBA world rankings resulting from long years of neglect. To help realize these goals, a Serbian coach, Mr. Rajko Toroman, has been engaged and a comprehensive training program and calendar has been put together which includes so far, tournaments and training camps in Serbia, the United States, Indonesia and Japan.
2. The Philippine National Teams have achieved significant results in the last year by virtue of the SBP programs now in place:
a) 7th place, FIBA Asia Championships for Junior Men in 2008 d) Champion, 1 st China Asean-CBO International Tournament in 2008
b) 2nd place, 1 st Asian Beach Games in Bali 2008 e) 5th place, FIBA Asia Champion's Cup 2009
c) 2nd place, Division II, FIBA Asia Championships for Junior Women in 2008 f) Champion, SEABA 2009 - Qualifier for FIBA Asia Men's Championships in Tianjin, China
3. The SBP National Team Competition's calendar for 2009 has never been more vibrant with our teams qualifying for the FIBA Asia Championship for Women (16 and under), the FIBA Asia Championships for Junior Men and Women, the FIBA Asia Championships for Men, the Asian Youth Games and the Asian Indoor Games (Vietnam).

Membership Program
To date, five (5) new active members have been added to the roster of SBP membership bringing the total number to twenty four (24). Other applications are now being reviewed by the Nomination and Membership Committee for active status. In addition, ten (10) new associate members have been added with provision for future consideration as regular active members. Total membership (active and associate) now stands at forty (40).

Despite these achievements, it saddens us to note that there are still those who continue to question the legitimacy of the SBP and its current leadership. These individuals, who are still aligned with the BAP, have chosen to disregard the “Tokyo Communiqué” dated 28th August 2006, which led to the formation of the SBP as the country's sole and unified governing body for basketball. They also allege that the SBP has failed to comply with the subsequent “Bangkok Agreement” dated 4th February 2007, which elaborated further the terms of the Tokyo Communiqué. It is apparent that the BAP continues to raise issues and complaints against SBP and its present leadership to the detriment of achieving unity in Philippine Basketball. It is also clearer now that BAP's interpretation of unity means unity on its own terms.

Last May 28, 2009, the SBP received a letter from Mr. Patrick Baumann, FIBA Secretary General, advising the SBP of the creation of a “Special Commission for the Philippines”. The formation of this Special Commission was precipitated by “various correspondences and continuous complaints addressed to the FIBA Secretariat over the past months on the matter related to the institutional legitimacy of the Philippine Basketball Federation and its current leadership.”

The SBP has decided that it will not submit to the jurisdiction of this Special Commission for the following reasons:
1. Mr. Baumann in his letter dated last year (May 13, 2008) and sent to the SBP clearly and categorically stated that:
(i) FIBA is fully supporting the SBP and its President Manuel V Pangilinan and its Board of Trustees;
(ii) FIBA will disregard any communication coming from the former BAP “as it has no rights with FIBA”; and
(iii) FIBA is dismissing Mr. Graham Lim with immediate effect from his membership in the FIBA Youth Commission, citing his “continuous actions to disrupt the proper functioning of the SBP as “unacceptable”.
2. The Philippine Court of Appeals has already affirmed SBP's compliance with the Bangkok Agreement and the Tokyo Communiqué. The Court's decision confirmed the membership validation process undertaken by the SBP and also sustained the validity of the June 12, 2008 SBP National Congress and the regular election of SBP's trustees and officers held at that meeting.
3. The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) have both recognized the SBP and have effectively and correctly accorded its leadership with full rights as the lawful governing body of basketball in the Philippines.
4. The basis on which the Special Commission was formed rests on complaints and allegations, as mentioned in the Baumann letter of May 28, 2009, made by the BAP that are unverified and biased. That is why the Baumann letter is simply incomprehensible - giving apparent credence to “various correspondences and continuous complaints” without verifying their veracity.

Instead of removing the squeaky and noisy wheels - as Baumann indicated he would in his letter last year to SBP - he has now lubricated them with oil.

We should emphasize that it was the BAP which initiated the judicial action challenging the legitimacy of the June 12, 2008 SBP National Congress and elections. We regard this legal step by the BAP to be significant because it clearly demonstrates its intention and preference to have the matter decided by our Philippine judicial system - and not by any other party, tribunal or commission — foreign or local. Having lost in a forum that they themselves chose, BAP is now shopping for another forum that may be sympathetic to it.

Accordingly, the SBP has to put on record and placed FIBA on notice that it shall not participate in any proceedings which this Special Commission may undertake, unless and until it has become unequivocally clear to SBP what its mandate, jurisdiction and scope of authority really are. More importantly, the BAP legal challenge, after having been rejected by our Court of Appeals, has been elevated by it to our Supreme Court, where it is now under consideration. In that light, the SBP has firmly taken the position that whilst this domestic issue is under judicial review, it should not submit itself to any other legal jurisdiction until the matter has been finally resolved by our legal system. Let Philippine law take its course; let us respect our Courts and not incur their contempt otherwise.

We the members of the SBP call upon all legitimate stakeholders of Philippine Basketball to raise their individual and collective voices and take a unified stand condemning the disruptive actions of the BAP, and protest FIBA's unwarranted intrusion into what must be a purely domestic matter requiring domestic resolution.

Make yourself be heard by sending your comments through sbp.com.ph.

Mabuhay ang Philippine Basketball!


Gov. Oscar V. Moreno
Chairman of the Board

Manuel V. Pangilinan

Jose Emmanuel M. Eala
Executive Director

Joaquin Trillo
Philippine Basketball Association

Michael Romero
Philippine Basketball League

Anton Montinola
University Athletic Association of the Philippines

Fr. Mateo de Jesus OSB
National College Athletic Association

Reynaldo D. Gamboa
Philippine Collegiate Champions League

Jose Soberano
Pinoy Basketbol Inc.

Daniel Danilo V. Soria
Baguio Benguet Educational Athletic League

Fr. Paul M. De Vera
National College Athletic Association – South

Robert L. Uy
Iloilo Basketball League

Bernardo Gabriel I. Atienza
Cagayan de Oro Basketball Association

Pedro C. Alfaro
El Federacion Basketbolista de Zamboanga

Gerardo P. Sabal III
Cagayan de Oro School Athletic Association

Ernesto Jay G. Adalem
National Athletic Association of Schools, Colleges and University

Raul D. Alcoseba
Visayas Amateur Athletic Association

Friday, June 19, 2009

RP's Hope in the Group of Hope

It's that time again when we leave our biases on the door and be united. The RP National Team for basketball will compete in the FIBA Asia Championships later this year. Thanks to (sir) Nardy from the interbasket forums for the pic below which features Rain or Shine star Gabe Norwood when he wore the RP colors during the SEABA championships earlier this year.

We belong to the Group of Hope (Korea, Japan and Sri Lanka)--- a good news compared to last time around when we were with the powerhosue squads in the Group of Death.

Go Philippines!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i miss the bastard.

Come the 2009-10 NBA Season, Jason Williams is set to be reinstated in the NBA (after his "retirement")... i was trying out www.bing.com (MSN's new search engine) for a random search to see how that new site works. And found this:

He thinks he is alone. Alone until a reporter catches a glimpse of him. The media dash ensues. They want to ask him about his best game yet in a Heat uniform. Eight assists, four steals, seven rebounds - enough statistical fodder to spawn a cheery interview out of most players. And Miami even won.

Williams, his panther and dragon tattoos concealed by his shirt, hurries to his locker, his back turned to a pack of trailing reporters.

"I don't have any individual expectations," Williams says.

"We can be as good as we want to be."

"My job's real easy. Those guys rebound and give me the ball and then I just have to pick and choose who to go to."

After four questions, the entourage has run out of ammunition. Or are they icebreakers?

One reporter switches gears.

"Jason, what do you cherish about your days at Florida? Obviously it didn't go quite as you planned, but what did you enjoy about going to college there?"

"I cherished getting kicked out of school," Williams snaps after several seconds of silence. "It was a great thing. I became a millionaire."

And that is why i miss the bastard.

And oh, some youtube links by J-Dub:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kamukha ko o dae?

Sabi kang tugang ko, kamukha ko daa ang aki niya--- na sabi man kang dakol na tawo, although sa hiling ko maslamang ang kuya ning dikit (Kaidtong same age niya si Jigs.)
Pero kamo na maghusga. Kung sa hiling nindo totoo yan (na lamang si Kuya), dae na kaipuhan magpost sa COMMENTS (since ma man nagco-comment... dahil ma man reader ang blog, dakol ang agree.)

And kung may reklamo ka man, sige na post na. Protesta na. And explain yourself tano dae ka naga-agree sako.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chris Tiu as Clear Men Future League Host

It was roughly a year ago when a friend (Enteng) posted this entry on his blog. Little did he (we) know that i will get to rub elbows with this certain famous celebrity because of work (Yeah, still, fuck work but these are the "little" [exaggerated] things that make you survive this stressed-induced workaday world that we live [work] in.)

Here are a few honest Tiu-related realizations:

1) At first, i was very hesitant of (well, adamantly disagreeing with) the management's (actually, client's) decision to hire Chris Tiu as the main host (think Sylvester Stallone in The Contender, or Ryan Seacrest in American Idol) of the Clear Men Future League because of his "rehistro" on tv (particularly, GMA shows)--- sim-ply because, in my opinion, he was "trying too hard" or maybe "just too robotic" to be the host of the rather challenging task of carrying a sports reality show.

i was wrong. i was dead wrong. You give the guy the leeway, the freedom (a little bit of it) of attacking the script his own way--- his own style--- and you'll get a host who's effective in connecting with the participants and the (TV) audience, one way and/or the other. And you get an honest host who just tries to do his thing. And it works.
2) Chris Tiu is thisclose to perfection. Successful basketball player (UAAP hero, National Team star leader), good looks, and intelligent/smart? Now, now, don't get me wrong... As Enteng wrote on his blog--- simply, if you are a Filipino that's practically what you want to be, what you want your sons to be and some... Basketball fanaddicts? He is the personification of what we all wantED to be when we were kids, when we were growing up watching the Samboy Lims or Allan Caidics.

(If you want more details you have to email me and ask me about the Production Manager's, Creative Director's and Make-up Artist's reaction when they first met Mr. Tiu.) ... Before i get burned being DTNL and some, please refer to the Enteng's Kidding Aside post
because he pretty much has summarized what i am trying to say here.

3) And if you think the buck stops there... This person is actually very un-Atenista like... (i would know even if i am from de Naga, and they are from de Manila)... No Atenista-yabang air at all, which is weird because that is what i expected from the start. Down-to-earth and very, very humble. As the headwriter for the show, that was one less potential to worry about. So yeah, it was very, very easy working with Mr. Tiu.

4) And finally, thanks to a Smart Gilas jersey he gave me (i don't usually ask for freebies and all, but i mustered enough courage to ask for it!) plus this priceless picture below:

So there. As Chris said, hope that our show would rate well. i hope so too. Because honest, humble, good guys deserve nothing less. Karma, please take over now.