Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ordinance #1361 (Cebu Citation)

So much for Fight Club tendencies and breaking rules then not caring about the consequences. Cebu just owned me earlier today. You could say, it couldn't have started better than this.

Team BTV is currently in Cebu to shoot the first of the five regional finals for the Clear Future League. And if it's any indication, i believe this will be an interesting next seven days (other half will be spent in Davao.) because of what transpired near the Magellan's Cross this morning.

There i was, cool under the seething heat with a Marlboro Lights in hand when i threw the butt to the ground. Out of the blue, a manang in uniform appeared holding a pen and paper, which at that time felt like a double-barrelled shot gun pointed at my head. Fast forward (it was actually very slow) to five minutes later she was asking my name as she pointed to the paper with his pen and showed me a receipt of sorts that was screaming "citation" and whatnots.

Apparently i violated a city ordinance for littering and that i needed to pay 500 pesos at the treasurer's office a couple of blocks away from where the cigarette butt was found. In between sincere apologies and ardent sorries, i (proabably) convinced her that the first-time offender in me would not ever, ever do it again.

And really, i was.

First time in Cebu City and i was almost doomed (Hey, it's just 500 pesos but the embarassment was priceless).What awaits in Davao is really not something i am looking forward to right now. Give or take a few humor and ironies that come with it.