Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From 3 Stripes to 2 Stripes

The PT showed a couple of stripes. With my leans for everything three stripes life has re-set the priorities: Adidas basketball shoes have to wait. THAT, or just properly scheduling the office league right before the next ultrasound.

There are promises to be made. And well, compromises as well. You just have to clear that up with Che and the 9 week old James ______. (Pardon me, the actual baby name is being discussed ad infinitum, we will get to that. For the meantime that blank line will do.)

A Thousand Emotions, The Ambivalent List (2nd Update)
1. Happiness
2. Gratitude
3. Surprise (this is the pleasant one)
4. Shock (this is the part where tears involuntarily came out)
5. Bewilderment (this is the part where you stare at the blank white wall and all you see is black)
6. Realization (this is the part where Adidas takes a back seat with the mentioned compromise of course)
7. Acceptance (this part came earlier than expected, even by my standard)