Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i shall be named James Quasar Qyle Quizon

Like Ma's constant struggle with climbing the stairs of a 5-floor pseudo-condo (eff you non-existent elevator!), the search for the what-they-think-is-the-perfect name has ended. Like Pa's constant struggle with getting over bad beats and uncovered spreads, the endless discussions and tireless debates about what i shall be called will cease.

Finally, at the wee hours of the morning (surprise surprise) while kicking and punching Ma's tummy, ribs and intestines they've decided on my name.

James Quasar Qyle Quizon.

Pardon, Ma. Facebook wouldn't allow the extra S.-- Facebook has something against long names, i had to use the middle name slot for my third name. Come to think of it, you are to blame here since you agreed with Pa in adding a third one...

Now, a little bit of history on how they coined my name. And the stories, and reasons, why they chose it. And before i fail to mention it, my sister already has a name in place: Azira Maya James S. Quizon. It's funny that they easily decided on that one about 6 months ago. But that was before they knew i'd be a boy.

James is pretty much self-explanatory. (As obvious as Pa's vanity.)

Quasar (/kway-zar) Qyle is an offshoot of the idea that my nickname should be Qube (They've already decided too that i'd be using JQUBE as my moniker if and when i decided to register in internet forums.) i think it was Ma who suggested the word quasar and just like that it was an easy yes for Pa.

And who am i to complain? Defined "One of over a thousand known extragalactic objects, starlike in appearance and having spectra with characteristically large redshifts, that are thought to be the most distant and most luminous objects in the universe." it's the coolest thing i've ever heard since Mozart and Ben Folds Five put me to sleep a week ago.

Quentin, Quarantino, Quartz, Quark, Quads, Qing (James!), Quincy and Quotable Quote were all suggested but Qyle got the final nod. When Pa suggested, "How about Qyler as in Qyler Durden?!", Ma answered back, "Just Qyle." And there and then, they had the third Q.

And oh, for posterity's sake, here are the names which made the final ballot; Aziraphale James (Character in Gaiman's Good Omens); AziraJames; James William (So Pa can have a kid that he can call Jwill. Go figure.)

And some names which at some point were considered; Ronald James (Seriously, Pa/Ma were really thinking of "settling" for this because well, Tito Ronald is NOT dead.) James Jacob (Well, it's a different pronunciation Tito Jam, right?)' the unbeatable combination, Ronald "King" James Jacob (my IQ would have been 350 at the minimum, my height at least 6 foot 2!) And even more, suggested by friends: the classic Lebron James, King James, James Yap and even Baby James (obviously from Pa's basketball friends)

Silly them, am glad Ma and Pa settled for this one.

And silly Ma and Pa, here are the (other) reasons why they chose this name... In scrabble, my name would get the highest score and when girls in school play FLAMES with my name, they'd have a hard time crossing out those Qs!