Monday, July 12, 2010

Own Goal

As Pa watches Netherlands draw with Spain after 90 minutes (apparently that means a pair of extra time periods of 15 minutes each to decide this one) i realize that my father is a sucker for sports.

'cause you see i've heard that he doesn't like watching football that much. But this particular World Cup? He found the extra time to watch it--- games at 2:30AM to boot! i am pretty sure it's not the same pure passion for basketball in the past 10 years (games at 1AM to 5AM) partly because he bet on it. That said, 2:30AM is 2:30AM.

And that in mind i wonder if he will do the same for me.
Will he wake up in the same wee hours of the morning to prepare for my milk?

Will my incessant crying be similar to the sound of a commentator's GOOOAAALL and Pa reacts with similar vigor running from the CR and deliver that milk? Or will it hurt like that Robert Horry's dagger three-pointer at the buzzer vs. the Sacramento Kings years ago?

Will he buy diapers at the same wee hours just like he buys Marlboro Gold when he feels like it--- damn the time and damn the timing of it all?

(Originally posted at Facebook notes. Ugh. Cheezepaperblogspot getting the backseat these days.)