Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Poker (Stars) Realizations

Addiction to poker is not the problem it is the solution. Somewhere along the way--- going all in or folding at the right (or wrong) time makes you realize a lot of things about the game and the people playing it. You could say the same thing about life. Heck, that life is a game cliche? That never grows old really. Just be willing to play it.

Put your chips all-in. Forget your stack, forget the pot odds and forget the tendecies of your opponents. Most of the time, letting go of everything could mean the biggest rake in your life.


Bluffing. Pretension. You meet a lot of people who act this way in this lifetime. You really can't blame them. Several times, it's their natural action to impress. To impress to others the fact that they have something when in fact, they have none. What you don't know won't hurt you? That's a big bull shit. Big lie. Big bluff.


Milking the cow. To be a successful poker player, you should have the skill to maximize any potential winning hand. That's a double-edged sword right there. Go for the kill when you have the chance because at any point during the turn or the river the other player might eventually get that killer hand. When you have the chance to one-up anyone in life? You do it right there in then. Underestimating anyone (or any situation) might have serious repercussions. Including being drowned by the river.


Paranoia pays off. Eventually. Take this instance: You hit a trio on the flop but the turn and river showed a possible straight. Do you take a chance? Are you open to possibility that you will bet everything to gain nothing? Is the juice worth the squeeze? Is the juice worth the squeeze. . .