Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Crack at a New Career!

(No) thanks to the retrenchment rumors (although it's more than that but definitely not less) i found myself handling new duties for the rest of the year. Hmmm, let's make it simple: adjust to the times (and the job) or adjust to a jobless (and a lot of times, timeless) life. Let's just say most of us were willing to cooperate. After all, when the powers-that-be says "win-or-go-home", you give it your best shot.

And best shot is what i promise to dole out the rest of the days. You don't make the shots you don't make... That said, here's the first attempt (well, there were a few others which might be considered .gif avatar-quality or might pass as a nice video tag for that personal ringtone) at video editing stardom.

Ok maybe not yet and maybe not ever as people below will tell you. But anyway, here's the video (i actually made a youtube account to flaunt my new-found craft and so i could link it here) and below it are the people who made this new, tough venture as easy as possible (always a tough task for a-ma-teurs) and quite honestly, could be as fun as writing (Don't worry love, you are still my first and only true one.)

The video:

Real big thank you to the following who from hereon out will i be forever grateful to even if i don't ever/even improve on this (As i said, tough task but hey i am really trying here)

Ron del Mundo/Christopher Dineros - Editors of BTV/Solar Sports and previously with Sports Desk, House of Hoops, One U, Olympics and a lot of other "short" forms. Oo na, oo na madami "pitik" yang ginawa ko pero di nyo pa natuturo kung pano pagtrim at iba pang mga dapat matutunan sa basic editing. Sabi nga ni Ron, "we all have to start somewhere" (or something like that) so yun ala-una na ngayon matutulog kahit may laro bukas para i have "started somewhere" na. At sabi nga ni Pipoy, "magsulat ka na lang" (or something like that, most likely something really with that inference), i still will respect his suggestion but as mentioned, i have to learn this stuff so my writing will now have a new "kabit", so to speak. Ulit, maraming salamat at sana di kayo magsawa na turuan ang tangang tulad ko.

Che - For lending the laptop (a lot of times) and for helping me out in actually installing the Adobe Premiere program, among other things. And yes, lamang na ako sa surat and eventually sa editing. (Very arguable on one count or the other)

Enteng - For the goddamn criticism of my first ever editing attempt months back--- he sort of called it a glorified power point presentation. Heck, i thought it was too. But hey, someone has got to start somewhere. Sunod digdi, Chris Webber highlights na assuming makakua ka Chris Webber highlights.

Greenday - For the scoring i used on the video above from one of my own personal favorite group. This Espionage single kept bugging me really and how i wanted it to be used in any of the plugs in any of the sports channels. Now that i am a so-called writer-slash-producer maybe i can use that as a musical background somewhere...

Jason Williams - and his fans. The clips i used were actually "stolen" from some (free) downloaded videos over the past couple of years.

And finally, for this new job. i learned a few terms called episodics, generic, omni and many others (Believe me, i never knew such terms existed in our prod group's "longest" form days.

It's a long road ahead, but i have just to take it.