Thursday, October 2, 2008

One U goes South

Last weekend, the ONE U Team (Actually, it's just one cameraman, Carlo and myself acting as the pseudoproducer + writer) went to Naga City (Bicol) to cover the Region 3 Championships, one of the several qualifiers for the Philippine Collegiate Championship Zonals set later this month and next.

It was an interesting trip to say the least as i met a lot of interesting people and got updated with the latest status of the college hoops action in my hometown (Pleasantly surprised, may i add with the development... Although my school, Ateneo de Naga University got humiliated in the pair of games they played.) Of course, any outside shoot involving Naga City, Bicol and anywhere in between is deemed reserved for myself (i have the rights of first refusal so to speak. Our EP understands that.)

Big thank you to Naga City's Sirs Ed Brojan (PCC R3 Tournament Director) Francis (R3 Tournament Deputy), Glenn (R3 Tournament Official), Jojo Villa (PCC Tournament Deputy, from Manila) and countless others who made our job easier. Glenn and Francis are actually from the same Barangay i was from, so go figure the(ir) surprise when they learned that this employee from Solar was "one of 'em" Francis did joke that he will recommend me to Vice Mayor Bordado (? Not sure, if i got that one right) and that i deserve to be among Naga's "Top Achievers" to be given at the end of year. Ha! i don't know how serious he was but am pretty sure i won't have the guts to take such because i am SURE that there are 10,000 other Nagueños who are infinitely better and deserve it even more.

How interesting was the trip?
+ For the first time, we tapped a local regional correspondent for the show. A certain Ingrid Toribio (i don't have any pics but i'd have to grab one from the actual segment eventually) got the job and she did quite well and impressive. Ms. Toribio did it for free and for exposure; just as we planned, we were hoping we'd put a fire under the students/prospects as they get media mileage (And quite honestly, a once in a lifetime experience for some) by serving as our One U correspondent. We will see if we have the same success during the next couple of Regional Champions (i believe, in Pampanga and Davao) and the Zonal Qualifiers.
+ Radio guesting at RMN Naga (DWNX) was probably the most memorable of the trip. i couldn't believe it that i was actually there (along with Mr. Villa) as "guest". i blame (credit) Mr. Ed for introducing me to Mr. Joe Ozabal, who was nice enough to interview me via the Naga dialect. (If he asked me in English i would have answered that way to, thank goodness i was comfortably blabbing in Bicol.) i did contribute a thing or two about the PCC tournament and shared some thoughts regarding my current line of work (Again, the people inside the booth were pleasantly surprised that this Hobbit from Mayon Avenue was working for this cable channel). Nice, nice. i could get comfortable with this.
+Finally, the (ENG) coverage itself was tiring, and very satisfying (Pics below include my interview with Mayor Jesse Robredo.) i learned a lot about how the city government's programs for basketball; about how respective coaches, managers and players from Sorsogon, Quezon and Naga took their basketball seriously; and how the "probinsyanos" (yeah, yeah am part of that too you know) are very passionate about their basketball.

Good to know, i am not alone.