Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Countdown to None

Inanity before insanity
the calm before the storm
the last stand before the fall
to resurrection
to realizations

Monday, July 27, 2009

Crossing Fate

and burned out.
One option left
(No quitting yet)
Question everything!
Counter all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

[Insert Product Name Here] [Insert Product Tagline Here]

Ah finally. Writing something not about work. Well, sort of.

Customers are always right. But in the business i am in, the client is god. We could leave it at that, or we could risk something like getting fired. But heck, writer's write. Damn the repercussions. One of the greatest fears of many in this craft is the so-called writer's block. Five cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes won't solve it. A bottle or two of beer won't work either. When you can't write, you just can't. It's one of the (non)mysteries in writing. Forcing it would mean a half-half-half-hearted effort (That's 12.5/100 for those who hate math) on any subject--- which could only mean that you shouldn't have started on it in the first place (Unless of course you want to settle for mediocrity)

But i have come to realize that this is not the greatest fear. There's also the so-called client's block. Five cups of coffee, a pack of cigarettes and probably more won't be enough to appease the violation on artistry. And no, please don't think that this is about the selfish me-me-me or that i put myself in a high chair and won't listen to any suggestions at all. This is about protecting the integrity of the craft and avoiding/going against commercialization of it at all costs. But to the ineffable gods, "at all costs" means shutting up and writing what they want to write. Damn the repercussions to quality. Damn the protection of integrity.

i love my job. Sports. Writing. Sportswriting. But the client's block just happened (Writer's block happens every other day, the level of tolerance is at an all-time high.) and i am starting to hate it because it just became commercialized writing. Product placement here, there and everywhere. Actually, come to think of it, this happened two months ago but it's only now that i am starting to NOT tolerate it. Key word: starting to. And like "fighting for what i deem right at all costs" means it is an empty threat; a lame attempt of opinion which would fall on deaf ears.

What's next then? Would QBE9 happen? (QBE9 is a bullet entry in my Digital Post-It Notes on my desktop which means Quit By Episode 9) i don't know. Let's cross the bridge when we get there. Assuming the bridge hasn't been burned yet.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Memphis: Where Incompetence Happens. Grizzlies Acquire Zach. Yes Zach FREAKING Randolph.

Nyak nyak.

Zach with New York (Good luck Grizzlies):

And some more Where Amazing Happens parodies found on youtube:

Kwame Brown:

Jeff Foster: