Saturday, November 29, 2008

PCC Sweet Sixteen: CSJL vs SSCR/JRU vs FEU

Earlier, the Knights had litttle trouble with the Baycats from Cavite and it showed in the final score: Letran 85, San Sebastian 70.

Now, after watching a slew of Sweet Sixteen games earlier this week then comparing it to the early energy and play of the Tamaraws and Bombers there's only one thing to conclude: Good games are made by good match-ups of good teams. No offense to the likes of the Dragons, Stallions, Pirates and the likes but at this level only the real good programs will have a chance to advance (save an upset miracle or two, say every other year)... Both FEU and JRU are showing that right now in the first quarter of the final round of 16 match-up. FEU holds the early lead though, a 12-point bubble with under 4 minutes to go..

Blame the rather big lead on FEU's better shooting--- JRU just can't make the easy ones. Both teams however are challenging every single shot and defense is already the premium in the first 12 minutes... i smell a JRU run in the 3rd, all for a close affair by crunch time.. We will see...

24-9. End of 1st. FEU leads.

Cagoco opens the scoring in the 2nd quarter... Cuts the lead down to 12 points... And just when they wer making a run, Bombers coach Ariel Vanguardia gets called for a pair of technical fouls! Some gentlemen behind the JRU bench (if i am near their spot, i will take a picture of them) actually threw a plastic bottle! Talk of class!

Back to the game... Bombers cut the lead to single digits once again but Barracael responds from the other end.. Pushes the lead back to double digits, 40-29.

After Sena hit a jumper in an earlier play, he's at the line for two freebies. And makes both. If the Bombers want a comeback they will have to do it via Sena in the 2nd and the 3rd.. Nocom hits a long 2 (stepping on the line) to cut the lead to 7 points.... However, Barracael responds once again. This time with a threee. Back to double digits lead for the Tamaraws, 43-33.

And that's the score for the half.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PCC Sweet Sixteen: MIT vs. MLQU/DLSU vs. USC

First game: Cardinals vs. Stallions

The Mapua Institute of Technology Cardinals had trouble early on against the Manuel L. Quezon University Stallions before taking control in the 3rd quarter and eventually winning the game therefore taking the 3rd Elite Eight spot where they will meet the

Second game: Green Archers vs. Warriors

USC came out of the gates with defensive intensity, choosing for a half court press but La Salle slowly came back (Maierhofer and Casio DID not start the game)--- the last one a power slam by Rico off an assist from JV. End of first quarter, 17-10 in favor of the Archers.

Sidenote: #13 from USC had a break away layup.. Stared off PJ Walsham and shows a little bit of the tongue (a little jordanesque so to speak)... and misses the lay-up.. Walsham returns the favor (a wider smile and tongue) as the Archer got the rebound.

And then, Smartbro died on me... Which brings me to the final score: 71-51. Picture paints a thousand words even in basketball games so i might as well post the available images in a bit... (Uploading from S'BRO is slower than Gregory Slaughter--- ok, i hope that is an absolute wrong statement because i want him used in our future national team.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

PCC SWEET SIXTEEN: Lyceum vs. Ateneo play by play

1st Quarter

Abaya for the first shot off the game misses point blank… Ateneo for a quick basket at the other end but a steal by #11…

Back to back defensive gem by Lyceum to start the game


3-0 - #11 converts on a three point basket

3-2 – Al Hussaini converts from the midrange

6-2 – Joseph Abaya pulls up from the three

6-5 Kirk Long answers a three

8-5 - #18 for theshort jumper. Nice range for the bulky bigman

8-7 – Rabah answers (Assist: long)

8-8 (Long converts 1-2 on FTs)

8-10 Ateneo starting to press converts on a fastbreak

8-12 Salamat on a press of his own gets the steal, and the fastbreak layup (fouled)

8-13 – Salamat convertes on the And 1

8-15 Salva with the nice hang time conversion on the baseline

10-15 #17 converts off an offensive board

12-15 nice assist by #20 to their “big” guy

14-15 yet another nice assist on the fastbreak by #20 to cut the lead to a single point

ATENEO LEADS 15-14 after the end of first quarter.

First quarter thoughts: Ateneo is not playing like the Blue Eagles at all, while Lyceum is gaining confidence by the minute. Ateneo has to continue to press and pressure the Pirates’ wings or can be a close game.


18-14 - Escueta makes three

19-14 FT conversion by Salva

21-14 Off a nice pass-fake athen hangtime….

23-14 Salva on the break for another highfly act. Not bad for a rookie.

23-15 Ong makes FT (1/2)

24-15 Sumalinog makes FT (1/2)

24-17 ‘#6 offensive rebound and putback

24-19 Abaya off lyceum steal on the break

27-19 Austria 3 points

27-20 #11 makes FT (1/2)

27-22 #6Santiago on the break… fouled! (misses bonus)

27-24 Abaya misses on the layup but Santiago with the put back

29-24 Salva converts off an assist from Rabah

29-25 lyeum FT

32-25 Reyes 3 points

32-27 Abaya 2 points


3rd quarter

32-29 Abaya lay up (challenges Al HUssaini)

32-32 #11 with the three for the tie

34-32 – Rabah putbacl

34-34 fade away jumper by Abaya

37-34 Reyes three

37-37 Santiago three

39-37 Salamat hides the ball (midair) makes shot

41-37 Rabah easy basket on the 3-1 break

43-37 Bankshot (ho hum) by Rabah

45-37 Baclao off a steal, makes basket and got hacked


49-37 Raban off a spins makes semihook

51-37 Salamat spins, fakes and makes shot

51-39 Lyceum makes layup

53-39 Rabah slams on the break



53-41 Ong lay up on the break (assist: abaya)

55-41 Ateneo converts on technical free throw (Unsportsmanlike foul)

55-43 Lyceum converts FT (2/2)

55-44 Lyceum converts technical FT (1/2) Unsportsmanlike foul

55-45 Lyceum FT

58-45 Reyes three points

58-48 Abaya three points

60-48 Rabeh crashes on three people. Fouled. Makes two free throw (just too big for the Pirates)

63-48 Somewhere an Ateneo three was made

65-48 Salamat steal. Salamat soars. Salamat scores.

68-48 Salamat.see above.

68-50 A Pirate scored (now bit boring because of the blowout )

70-50 Salamat dishes this time,

70-52 lYceum offensive rebound

70-54 lyceum easy two on the break. Eagles are relaxing on both ends now

73-54 That said. Salamat makes an easy-looking three

73-56 Abaya has the stroke. But doesn’t have much height for the 2 spot


77-56 Austria power (and too slow) underneath for 2


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There can be only one! (Updated game schedule)

Knockout pairings set! Here's the latest schedule, barring any changes it's going to be at the San Juan Arena (where else, in San Juan) with the exception of an Elite Eight day (Nov 30) at the new Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig.

That said, the next couple of weeks will be obviously very busy for myself and the team. Adding insult to that injury is the fact that i will be the game prod for this weekend's URCC, which means that the long two-week busy schedule actually begins with a long weekend.Am i whining? Probably. But heck, we've seen worse days during the Desk times and well the Olympics was something else... But then these are high times for a total basketball addict. Imagine this (ideal day) option (Meaning if you were jobless, at the comforts of your home and you have BTV):

8 am - Breakfast + NBA game (if it's East games)
11:30 am - Lunch + NBA game (if it's West games, and you can sleep past 10.)
2:00 pm - Snack + PCC or PBL game
5:00 pm - Snack 2 + PBA game
7:00 pm - Dinner + PBA game
10:00 pm - BEER + Replays or delayed telecast of any games for that day!

(i haven't mentioned the fact that somewhere in between you can plug that old PlayStation 2 and play NBA Live or 2K, or be online just to check the boxscores for fantasy purposes)

So there, sometimes you wish they fire you or something. Or maybe not.(Because how do you pay for the cable, breakfast, lunch, snack 1, snack 2, dinner and beer?)

Monday, November 17, 2008

What's on One U (Nov. 18, 2008)

Exactly a week to go before the 2008 Philippine Collegiate Championships Sweet Sixteen and the hype machine is working. Not really a fearless forecast but this year's edition of the country's champions league promises to be the most exciting since its initial inception in 2002.

For One U's episode tomorrow, Mico, Krissy and the rest of the guys will be discussing what happened in the Visayas and Mindanao Zonals--- the latter offering the highlight of the week! An unfortunate, ill-advised incident between the Ateneo de Zamboanga 'Blue Eagles' and Xavier University Crusaders (Ateneo de Cagayan) for some Jesuit-flavored, "men for others" (In tagalog, bigayan on the hardwood) brawl! Will be posting the some pictures (or video, if i have time) as soon as they are available from editing... If i can't, don't fret because you can watch the entirety in tomorrow's One U!

PCC Sweet Sixteen is indeed around the corner and One U will be slicing and dicing the match-ups... Early schedule released earlier today by the way: Ateneo de Manila faces Lyceum and San Beda takes on one of Cebu's finest, University of San Jose-Recoletos on opening day. The first one will probably be a blowout (take offense, Pirates because i see you stand NO chance because Ateneo apparently is sending the champion team. We will see.) but the other game might just be a close affair since those Cebuanos take serious pride in their basketball programs.

In other segments, Honor Roll gives credit to the Zonal heroes including Fajardo of University of Cebu, Daroya of Arellano University, Justiniani of USJR among others... Plus a scouting report on a certain rookie Knight.

ONE U, 6:30PM on CS/9 and 7:00PM on BTV!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

PCC Schedule

Been a while since i have written anything. Don't ask why. A few (more or less) people have been asking me for the schedule for the PCC Sweet Sixteen. As anything else on TV, everything is subject to change without prior notice (and come to think of it that not only applies to TV schedule...) i finally got a copy and will be posted below. i will have edit it though again as there are no teams assigned yet to which of which dates they will be playing as the Zone 4 (Mindanao) championships get underway this weekend in Cagayan de Oro.