Sunday, December 7, 2008

RP National Team Practice

The perks of this job. Not only you enjoy the work that you do but there's always some extra things that you get which you don't expect. In one of the PCC coverages the past couple of weeks, the team (luckily) came across the Philippines Men's Basketball National Team coached by Yeng Guiao as they practiced after the PCC double-header at the San Juan Arena while One U was shooting one of its episodes. So, anyway, this is long overdue (as other pictures in next posts) but only had the time (and the net speed) to post it now:

Pacquiao's Motivation

If you can't see the truth, there's a problem with your vision--- better yet, your perception. If you can't recognize then accept what is in front of you, i don't know how intentionally, stupidly blind you are. Been to a lot of forums and still have this (on-going) arguments with friends that Manny Pacquiao is not supposed to be put in a pedestal. After today's epic showing against Oscar de la Hoya, they ate more crow, then had pride for desert--- and still failing to even see what is really essential: Pacquiao is inarguably the greatest Filipino athlete this country has seen and one of the best in the world. This is not about beating opponents in the squared ring now, this is about chasing history.Outside the usual obvious motivation of Manny--- being very competitive, fighting for his country and fighting for money--- i do believe that there's a more twisted, darker reason why he beats up his opponents badly. These guys, Mexicans most of them, are better-looking than the Filipino icon. It eats so much inside Manny that at the end of each bout he crushes them (specifically, the face) to a pulp and ultimately, he becomes the fresher and yes, better-looking fighter. Here's a quick look at the before-and-after appearances of Manny's victim.

Barrera (before):
Barrera (after):
Marquez (before):
Marquez (after):Morales (before):
Morales (after):
And the latest, De la Hoya (before):
De la Hoya (after, or during):
Pacquiao, meanwhile always looks good (or the same) after every bout (who wouldn't after every victory). Ricky Hatton is a nice-looking English gentleman, eh? Maybe it's time to re-arrange that face.

On a more serious note: Thank you, Manny for making the country feel very proud once again.