Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Magic!

A pair of text messages from a pair of friends woke me up today. Still seething from poker badbeats and bad decisions last night (cost me a thousand) this news though is good as it gets... Finally, after a year or so of being a free agent-fan, i land with the Magic. Yes people, Jason Williams signed with the Orlando Magic.

Here's the text from Christian Castillo: Tinext ka man ni ***? Ayos man idol mo ay, nag unretire man daa! Arug-arog naman! (Translation: Jason Williams > Brett Favre in all this unretirement talks and news)

Here's the text from the man-who-shall-be-mentioned-in-this-blog-but-shall-never-be-named (patent pending, Enteng agrees in his blog): Starting today, I am no longer a fan of the Orlando Magic(s) because they signed Jason "SOPOT" Williams. Tsk tsk.

Why post that here? So that come June 2010 when the Magic earns their championship ring, or even before that--- Eastern Conference Finals probably when Williams and the Magic defeat Boston Celtics and
the man-who-shall-be-mentioned-in-this-blog-but-shall-never-be-named... i get to gloat that he IS NOT a Magic fan.