Monday, September 29, 2008


Thank you and Good bye, Jwill. (Elbow pass and some.)

This deserves a longer entry but work/time won't permit me to do so. For now. Let it be known that last Saturday was the lowest point in my basketball life. It's over. And it downright sucks. i am still at a loss for words. And still in denial. Jason Williams retired from basketball over the weekend. Anyway, here's a teaser of an entry as i compiled some of the googled pics over the years of being a fan. A longer more emotional blog post later this week for the meantime... (Come to think of it, i never posted this many pictures of any of my ex-girlfriends in a blog or non-online diaries. It must be because they never gave me a ring. Jwill did.)

What's on One U? (Sept 30, 2008)

A few Eagles land in the studio to share their thoughts on their recent championship run (including most likely, most probably Krissy's cousin, Chris Tiu...)

One U visited one of the regional championships over the weekend as the team went to the Bicol province to cover the action at the PCC Region 3 Finals... This time an Ateneo team was tamed and shamed by the visitors (Although the hometown team did win the championship and advanced to the zonals)...And of course, who ever gets the NCAA championship later today will get a share of the limelight...

One U will also update the Zonal Qualifiers and which college teams have the chance to advance to the PCC Sweet Sixteen...