Sunday, April 5, 2009

Damsel(s) in Davao

And Cebu actually. Before the end of March, Ms. Sharon Yu, previously a courtside reporter for UAAP's De La Salle Green Archers, officially became one of the show's host and immediately upon learning was asked to fly to Cebu last week to join us in this leg for the usual interviews and spiels to be used in the show.

Anyway, it's very satisfying to see a host who works really hard and maybe to a fault, blue collar jobs that is not expected of her but is very appreciated by the team. She's not only a host but doubles up as one of the producers most times because of her knack of finding the stories and bringing out the best in her interviewees (either off or on cam). i guess her naturally bubbly and friendly ways are two of her rather interesting traits; strong suits that will fit well with the "reality" aspect of the Clear Men Future League show to air this July.

Here are a few pictures from the Cebu and Davao legs. Among them, Sharon, the damsel i am talking about plus some members of the team who are either damsels in their own special way(Myles, producer/writer), a semi-damsel (Rain, CD) or people on the lookout for damsels in town (Gelo, EP; Cameramen/Technical Team: Ruel, Jecky, Arnold, Rey and Efren) And of course, some images from the CFL event itself.

Sharon welcoming the Cebu participants.
Fast fact: Sharon is actually a very, very good piano player. So much so that we can agree that indeed life is unfair (Brains, beauty and now this?)And some images from the BTV/CFL team:

After the experience in Cebu (see citation post) the first pic had to be taken. Next few images a
re posted at random, as you might notice there are very few shots that prove to be "scenic", after all, we (i) are here for business and not really for pleasure. Oh well.

Yeah, it's this fucking gig is (very) tiring, but heck sometimes you just find the motivation to do it. And it's not Sharon Yu's smile (although that is a factor), it's called doing a job that you really love (even if you despise people, or their attitude, that heads that job) and spending time with real honest people, new and old.