Sunday, May 10, 2009

SM NEgamall

Yes. 'twas SM's big mistake--- not calling it as i suggest above. Heck, it's the hippest, coolest rip-off ever. At the same time, you'd have little effort selling the name and the product itself. The idea that it did not at all float escapes me really. For the probinsyano's they'd always ask themselves: "Why go to Megamall when you can go to Negamall." Unintentional slang and all, Naguenos and Bicolanos alike will enjoy the ripped-off name. And the pseudo-mega shopping experience, after all, they've got it all for you!
Speaking of ripped-off names, i've talked to an Ayala insider and they are considering of putting a mall right across SM City Naga. The name? Yes, they'd be more creative this time: Tri-Naga. It's located in Triangulo (barangay) via your usual tricyle. And no, you won't get the joke if you are not from Naga, so don't try.
As emphasized by Enteng's post, the saddest part is the fact that most stores/restos are the ones you find only in Naga City. We had a nuisican mayoral candidate years back, i think his name is Herbas and one his campaign promises was to put a roof over the entire "centro" of Naga. On May 2009, it just happened. Courtesy of your SM City Naga.

As dead as Naga centro will become among the early victims (according to stories) is the E-Mall, previously the first (Ok, second there's the LCC Mall) 'shopping' center in the area. Good riddance, there's a reason why it's called the E-Mall: After the E-ntrance you can already see the E-xit. There goes your record-breaking 2-minute malling experience.

(And errr, pardon the pics, they were rushed when i took them. Not that it changes my status of being an ama-teur photographer and all)


Another sad fact is the traffic. No left or right turns? One way street? i can see it in the tricycle (trike) driver's faces: "fuck 'em all, they are soon going to replace us with taxi/cabs." Or maybe not. Because after all, everywhere in Naga is still five minutes away from point A to point B. Case in point: i walked home earlier tonight from SM. Arhtritic joints and all (after a KFC dinner with the family) i actually enjoyed it. Much like walking from school to our house 15 years back.

And finally... i went home because i really wanted to this "malling" experience. Nyaha. Like there's no mall in Metro Manila (And where can you get Star Trek @ 100 pesos in Metro Manila?). But hey, it's not the same when you are at home and with your pamangkin, who by the way scored another one of those Transformers autobots.

The wrath of work, and payday awaits.