Saturday, November 29, 2008

PCC Sweet Sixteen: CSJL vs SSCR/JRU vs FEU

Earlier, the Knights had litttle trouble with the Baycats from Cavite and it showed in the final score: Letran 85, San Sebastian 70.

Now, after watching a slew of Sweet Sixteen games earlier this week then comparing it to the early energy and play of the Tamaraws and Bombers there's only one thing to conclude: Good games are made by good match-ups of good teams. No offense to the likes of the Dragons, Stallions, Pirates and the likes but at this level only the real good programs will have a chance to advance (save an upset miracle or two, say every other year)... Both FEU and JRU are showing that right now in the first quarter of the final round of 16 match-up. FEU holds the early lead though, a 12-point bubble with under 4 minutes to go..

Blame the rather big lead on FEU's better shooting--- JRU just can't make the easy ones. Both teams however are challenging every single shot and defense is already the premium in the first 12 minutes... i smell a JRU run in the 3rd, all for a close affair by crunch time.. We will see...

24-9. End of 1st. FEU leads.

Cagoco opens the scoring in the 2nd quarter... Cuts the lead down to 12 points... And just when they wer making a run, Bombers coach Ariel Vanguardia gets called for a pair of technical fouls! Some gentlemen behind the JRU bench (if i am near their spot, i will take a picture of them) actually threw a plastic bottle! Talk of class!

Back to the game... Bombers cut the lead to single digits once again but Barracael responds from the other end.. Pushes the lead back to double digits, 40-29.

After Sena hit a jumper in an earlier play, he's at the line for two freebies. And makes both. If the Bombers want a comeback they will have to do it via Sena in the 2nd and the 3rd.. Nocom hits a long 2 (stepping on the line) to cut the lead to 7 points.... However, Barracael responds once again. This time with a threee. Back to double digits lead for the Tamaraws, 43-33.

And that's the score for the half.