Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Crack at a New Career!

(No) thanks to the retrenchment rumors (although it's more than that but definitely not less) i found myself handling new duties for the rest of the year. Hmmm, let's make it simple: adjust to the times (and the job) or adjust to a jobless (and a lot of times, timeless) life. Let's just say most of us were willing to cooperate. After all, when the powers-that-be says "win-or-go-home", you give it your best shot.

And best shot is what i promise to dole out the rest of the days. You don't make the shots you don't make... That said, here's the first attempt (well, there were a few others which might be considered .gif avatar-quality or might pass as a nice video tag for that personal ringtone) at video editing stardom.

Ok maybe not yet and maybe not ever as people below will tell you. But anyway, here's the video (i actually made a youtube account to flaunt my new-found craft and so i could link it here) and below it are the people who made this new, tough venture as easy as possible (always a tough task for a-ma-teurs) and quite honestly, could be as fun as writing (Don't worry love, you are still my first and only true one.)

The video:

Real big thank you to the following who from hereon out will i be forever grateful to even if i don't ever/even improve on this (As i said, tough task but hey i am really trying here)

Ron del Mundo/Christopher Dineros - Editors of BTV/Solar Sports and previously with Sports Desk, House of Hoops, One U, Olympics and a lot of other "short" forms. Oo na, oo na madami "pitik" yang ginawa ko pero di nyo pa natuturo kung pano pagtrim at iba pang mga dapat matutunan sa basic editing. Sabi nga ni Ron, "we all have to start somewhere" (or something like that) so yun ala-una na ngayon matutulog kahit may laro bukas para i have "started somewhere" na. At sabi nga ni Pipoy, "magsulat ka na lang" (or something like that, most likely something really with that inference), i still will respect his suggestion but as mentioned, i have to learn this stuff so my writing will now have a new "kabit", so to speak. Ulit, maraming salamat at sana di kayo magsawa na turuan ang tangang tulad ko.

Che - For lending the laptop (a lot of times) and for helping me out in actually installing the Adobe Premiere program, among other things. And yes, lamang na ako sa surat and eventually sa editing. (Very arguable on one count or the other)

Enteng - For the goddamn criticism of my first ever editing attempt months back--- he sort of called it a glorified power point presentation. Heck, i thought it was too. But hey, someone has got to start somewhere. Sunod digdi, Chris Webber highlights na assuming makakua ka Chris Webber highlights.

Greenday - For the scoring i used on the video above from one of my own personal favorite group. This Espionage single kept bugging me really and how i wanted it to be used in any of the plugs in any of the sports channels. Now that i am a so-called writer-slash-producer maybe i can use that as a musical background somewhere...

Jason Williams - and his fans. The clips i used were actually "stolen" from some (free) downloaded videos over the past couple of years.

And finally, for this new job. i learned a few terms called episodics, generic, omni and many others (Believe me, i never knew such terms existed in our prod group's "longest" form days.

It's a long road ahead, but i have just to take it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Antsy Proposition

Ants are the little unappreciated creatures which do their job no matter what. In short, they are the queen ant’s bitch and you can do nothing about it.

Some ants fast facts (thank you, Google) which may or may not contain subliminal messages with what we are trying to describe here:

There are more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world. One of which is called the IPOLO-ANT, found exclusively in a mountainous region somewhere in Rizal, Philippines.

Some queen ants can live for many years and have millions of babies. We are optimistic and hopeful about the “can live for many years” part but quite questions the queen ant’s decision to “have a million babies” It’s not yet a million but as of this time the baby ants have been named. Because ants are rather, errr, antsy I’d be posting only the initials of the babies’ names: S.S., B., S.A., C.O and half brother C.S., and the newborn, S.F.

An ant can lift 20 times its own body weight. Sometimes they carry loads of minidv’s and betacam tapes. Ants don’t have ears. Ants "hear" by feeling vibrations in the ground through their feet. But don’t let that tiny, tiny mouth fool you. When it bites, it’s sure to itch! Remember the fly against the carabao story? That’s a different one but you get the gist. They don’t have ears but they listen. Oh yes, they do.

When ants fight, it is usually to the death! Ha! Sometimes some of them just write blogs to fight to the death. Coward-ish, but it could save one ants life.

When the queen of the colony dies, the colony can only survive a few months. Queens are rarely replaced and the workers are not able to reproduce. They call it retrenchment in an ant colony lingo. So, yeah queen ant’s bitch all the way even if you disagree with ‘em.

And the point in all these? Study everything first before making THAT decision because really, it can bite you in the ass. And eventually, it’ll itch. And no i am not talking to the moon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Poker (Stars) Realizations

Addiction to poker is not the problem it is the solution. Somewhere along the way--- going all in or folding at the right (or wrong) time makes you realize a lot of things about the game and the people playing it. You could say the same thing about life. Heck, that life is a game cliche? That never grows old really. Just be willing to play it.

Put your chips all-in. Forget your stack, forget the pot odds and forget the tendecies of your opponents. Most of the time, letting go of everything could mean the biggest rake in your life.


Bluffing. Pretension. You meet a lot of people who act this way in this lifetime. You really can't blame them. Several times, it's their natural action to impress. To impress to others the fact that they have something when in fact, they have none. What you don't know won't hurt you? That's a big bull shit. Big lie. Big bluff.


Milking the cow. To be a successful poker player, you should have the skill to maximize any potential winning hand. That's a double-edged sword right there. Go for the kill when you have the chance because at any point during the turn or the river the other player might eventually get that killer hand. When you have the chance to one-up anyone in life? You do it right there in then. Underestimating anyone (or any situation) might have serious repercussions. Including being drowned by the river.


Paranoia pays off. Eventually. Take this instance: You hit a trio on the flop but the turn and river showed a possible straight. Do you take a chance? Are you open to possibility that you will bet everything to gain nothing? Is the juice worth the squeeze? Is the juice worth the squeeze. . .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Rant: Denied and denial

DENIED. Disconnected for 48 hours from the internet i joked with friends over the weekend that i am getting a fever out of it. Specifically being disconnected with my fantasy leagues. Lo and behold, i missed on a Jason Terry signing in one league--- which i am not whining much about because so far i am holding on to the number one spot (1200 entry fee, damn i can almost taste it but you never know what will happen). So yeah, i feel very uncomfortable being away from the internet.


DENIAL. There's a Guava resto at Serendra where we went to last Saturday to celebrate Che's birthday. The food wasn't bad at all (Specifically their so-called Monggonissa, low uric acid as told by their menu) but the mosquitos did bother us a lot over the course of the dinner--- Ka Abogado, bente lang ang monggo sigurado iwas dengue pa. But i thought it was a nice "celebration" and all. Metrowalk's Menu saved the night a couple of hours later because of the price of their San Mig Light bucket--- almost half the price compared with Metrowalk's Aruba. So yeah, avoid places like Aruba and Guava, it's good to try them once in a while but still, it's not worth it if it's not worth it. (Unless of course, you're one of them Serendra people who pretty much don't care what in their wallet)


DENIED. Jason Williams was not allowed to return to the NBA this season. Needing 30 unanimous votes from the NBA governors, JWill got 26 nods as 6 other teams denied his request. All good, all good. i just hope six NBA governors die tonight because of their decision. Sure, i can wait 'til next year but he could have had played this year! Die! Die! Die!


DENIAL. i was finishing some work-related stuff earlier this evening and got me thinking that i am actually doing it for a new team now. Quick specifics: Local Production Sports got the boot and in the process our team, let's call it Sports Desk, got reshuffled to various channels and i was assigned to BTV). It's a blue, blue feeling. i can't really explain it. i am still motivated, i still want this job. But but... It's simply sad.