Monday, December 8, 2008

One U ends tomorrow (Dec 7)

The first season that is... With the college season virtually over, the show will feature the past knockout week capping it off with the Philippine Collegiate Championship final to be held later today at the Araneta Coliseum, which will expect a good-sized crowd because it's the Blue Eagles and Green Archers which will vie for bragging rights of being called the national champion. (Add the fact that the winning team will be going to Serbia next year for the 2009 Universiade...)

According to reliable sources called channel managers and the likes the show did pretty well (or not bad) on the ratings (especially at that 6:30 timeslot on free tv..)...
Who knows, maybe there's a second season for the show... Really enjoyed the fact that i've met some of the better college basketball minds in the country and saw Ms. Krissy Tiu's first hosting stint. Of course, Mico being the professional that he is, is something to learn from. Here are the pictures from the San Juan shoot a couple of episodes ago.

2008 PCC in Pictures

Saved in the cam card but as i've mentioned not much time to post it on a per game basis. More for archiving than anything (but do click if you the pictures if you want the larger version):