Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tripping on Jack Trips

Over the weekend, i received a text message from my former boss who is now a pro poker player--- i don't exactly know the definition of a "pro poker player" but he fits the bill in my eyes. This was the same guy who saved me from the hell hole called Naga City four~five years ago and willingly dragged me to the heaven called Solar Entertainment which practically changed everything in my life (For good and bad)

Farthest left is Ron/Red, he's the one with the cap who looks like Jesus Christ--- you should have seen him when he had longer hair. Myself, Jester and a couple other APA pros.

Anyway, the text was a vote of confidence that i could take on "big time" players--- i was to serve as a replacement for one of the members of Team Asian Poker Academy. Replacement or not, i was simply too honored to say NO to him so i decided to join--- being a sort of rookie in these poker team tournaments was not an excuse--- much the same way it wasn't an excuse for him to hire a noob in the production world hiring me
four~five years ago. Fair deal. When life gives you lemons, you better make sure you order bottomless lemonade.

So on a Saturday afternoon with lack of sleep and lack of confidence, with cold sweat and even colder hands i was at the Big Ace Poker Club playing my first-ever poker team tournament.

From there, it all went downhill. Which was to say, i was on to a mediocre finish.

The problem with losing is that no matter what happened the previous days, you kind of get stuck in the moment. In this case, stuck with a mindset that mediocrity is all you are going to achieve. (i completely forgot the fact three days before the tournament i placed 3rd in one of Big Ace's tournament; i won 2,700 on that one but gave away 1,100 for the team event)

The problem with losing in front of your former boss-slash-savior? Your confidence is shaken to its roots. Then you get stuck again in a moment of realization that don't belong in this league.

Up until the next text message from Red that everything is cool and that he actually thinks i should start getting staked in online poker now.

Lemons and life.

And oh? My tourney story?

When life gives you a mid-pair called 7's. You don't try to bluff people. Especially (of course, after the fact) ones with a trio of Jacks.

Ugh. Sucked out big time.

But yeah. i won't deny it: am a gambler. And you can do nothing about it. See you at the

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