Sunday, August 24, 2008

24/7 Olympics - Day Fifteen-slash-Sixteen

i don't think i will be posting after the Olympics. Because i can and will finally have a long, long sleep...

(Not before enough beer though.)

Finally, finally. Done and done and done and done and done and done...

(Actually there's one more show to finish, as of now, August 24, 5:14 a.m.)

And the final day images of the Office Olympians:

From the white board which by then was white as white (NO MORE FUCKING SEQUENCE GUIDE/PROJECTED CONTENT FOR THE DAY) to the final shoot featuring half the Olympics Update hosts to the awarding of medals (booze) at Gerardo's (Yaon talaga diyan si Bobby Yan sa inuman, dae lang napicturan ta nawalat ko sa kotse ni Bobby Yan ang camera sa first part kang inuman) and finally, the booze bottle to cap off the looong week.

Friday, August 22, 2008

24/7 Olympics - Day Thirteen

There's an undeniable feeling of satisfaction after a job well done. i won't gloat but i will not be not proud of what we have achieved so far. The team, despite the errors and shortcomings, have grown up so much over the past couple of years. Credit Sports Desk as the vital tool that pushed us into the middle of the ocean despite the fact that we were infants who did not even know how to float, what more to swim. Credit the bigoteman Noel Zarate for being the ideal unorthodox boss that he was. Everyone learned that leadership was not just about controlling people and telling them what to do but letting them be and letting them grow up in their own time and pace. Running a department, a team is not about being on the driver's seat but letting everyone have a piece of the steering wheel; or even, permit them to be a backseat driver for as long as one wants to. Each time and each pace, plus each space.

It's sad to think that everyone will go their separate ways in a month's time, in a year or two, or more but it's part of the change that all of us will have to struggle against when the time comes. Personally, i carry and listen to my own demons. Voices that says it wants change. Voices that tell me that it's time to go that you already paid your dues. And as usual, you go back to square one and ask yourself where the voices are coming from. Doubts on decisions. Confirmation of indecisions. So you decide (for now): status quo. You stay.

There's an undeniable satisfaction after a job well done. It's a premature statement as there are three days left in the Olympics. But here's what i am going to say i am goddamn proud of this team and goddamn proud to be part of it.

The cast of characters which you may have seen on various pictures in this blog:

Gelo Pazcoguin, executive producer - In Beijing right now and the luckiest of the bunch with regard to the Olympic turn of events. We have lots of things in similar including the height. And one very similar fact with regards to our jobs. He won't say it, i won't say it. It's Fight Club rules: you do not talk about it and you do not talk about it. Gelo is the unassuming leader of the team. People listen to him. People respect him. Most of all he respects people and how they do things.

Kristian Encarnacion, associate producer - OIC this Olympics in lieu of Gelo. Acting executive producer. Acting director. And most of the time over-acting in all aspects. Every one quite hates him. But its the hate you feel towards say a Mark Caguioa (He'd love this comparison) not because he's a bad person but just because he is Mark Caguioa. Not bad as a leader, as he gets the job done. A little bit of tweak on not pleasing/dissing everyone around him and he's good as any.

Paolo Mariano, headwriter - i don't know how this guy tolerates me, myself and my latenesses plus absences. All i can say is that i am lucky to that he is the head-writer/researcher on this team. Lots of times, he saves my ass. He can be quite a smart ass though (not entirely bad thing if it wasn't directed to you) but that is expected as all writers i know...

Pierre Salas, segment producer - i was about to say the funniest of the group but there's another name coming at you in the next paragraph. Salas knows hard work to say the least. A glue guy that does all the dirty little things and make things work.

For example he posted this Pre-Olympics Pointers in our whiteboard which is still actually readable as of today (reading from the white board):
Tips for the Hardworking Boys of Beijing:
1. Magpaalam sa mga minamahal na hindi makakauwi
2. Magdala ng madaming damit
3. Xtra Joss/Red Bull/Lipovitan/Kopiko/San Mig Coffee/Sting/Cobra/Gatorade... Kilalanin sila ng mabut.
4. Isipin na lang na nasa callcenter ka!
5. Matutong matulog sa karton at tiisin ang kumot na amoy tuta!
6. Tiisin na rin ang boses at mukha ng acting EP
7. At higit sa lahat isipin na lang na malaki ang OT sa pagdating ng saho... ISMAYL! :)
That is Pierre in a nutshell.

Crosby Menodiado, segment producer - the funniest of the group. He attempts those jokes every single time. A la Kobe Bryant he's a volume shooter with regards to his antics. And when he does, it is a flashy or an effective play good for two points, and one. Forget about the misses. He'd take another shot anyway. Work-wise, he doesn't have a trouble with focus despite the distractions (including himself) Weirdly, he gets the job done and gets it done fast. He adjust to situations very well.

Pipoy Dineros, editor - The oldest of the group. At 33... he acts like he was born in the 80's. On a more serious note he is the most artistically inclined but because of the limitations of what is required with work, he can't express all this artistry in his "editing". And since he's stuck into the more "news type" of editing, he can't seem to explore his imagination and creativity. He even has forgotten i think that he is a pretty damn good guitarist. But hey, we'd take him.

Ron del Mundo, editor - the spiritual guide to all. Not only because he is the most religious or the "family man' but basically because he appears to be the most mature of the bunch. Two kids and a wife can do that to you. And one way or another, i feel that everyone is insecure of him because he already has a stable family. And it's not a bad thing at all.

Three days to go before the Olympics ends. And i have learned a lot about my work. And the people i work with.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

24/7 Olympics - Day Eleven

Office Olympians' Woes: Every one a little bit bothered about the longevity of the entire thing. But i feel we will survive. And it's because of the diverse personalities of each and everyone. Four days and a half to go before freedom.

Today's makeshift dining table for lunch (That is supposed to be an office):

Monday, August 18, 2008

The real road to redemption begins...

Final day of the Beijing Olympics Basketball Preliminaries. Dwyane Wade has been by far the best player for the US Squad. And the US Squad has been by far the most dominant team in the tournament. (i still can't call them Dream Team because they aren't)

Here are few things to expect going into the knockout stages:

Lithuania being the number one team in Group A will take on China (#4 in group B, assuming they lose to Greece later tonight which will probably be the case) and US will probably take on Australia (Or Croatia, in the rare case that they lose today against Iran)
Quarterfinals (The eight teams to advance from round-robin play match up as follows)

Game 1: Lithuania vs. Greece/China
Game 2: USA vs. Croatia/Australia
Game 3: Argentina vs. Greece/China
Game 4: Spain vs. Croatia/Australia
Which brings us to:

Semifinals (The four quarterfinal winners advance to the semifinals, where the match-ups are as follows), Again assuming there are no upsets later today...
Winner of Game 1 (Lithuania) vs. winner of Game 4 (Spain)
Winner of Game 2 (USA) vs. winner of Game 3 (Argentina)
Just to summarize, the likely opponents for each top 2 teams after the prelims. In bold is USA's sched and their road to redemption...
Team - Quarters - Semis - Gold
US - Australia - Argentina - Spain
Spain - Croatia - Lithuania - US
Lithuania - China - Spain - USA
Argentina - Greece - USA - Spain
i say, yikes for Argentina, that Lithuania loss in their first game really stings them now as they have to take on Greece to advance to the medal rounds...
US will probably cruise through Australia and will have to do it again against Argentina (or even Greece again) then Spain again to win it all... (i am loving the fact that US have to go through Argentina and Spain, which i feel are the squads that have a chance of pulling an upset) On the other hand, Spain will take on the unknown entity in Croatia and an early date with the number one team on the other side.

So all in all, the pre-tourney rankings are pretty much on the button. Group A was a wild one with the surprise Croatian team even as Argentina buckled a slow start, Lithuania played like contenders...

We will see.

24/7 Olympics - Day Ten

Phelps just grabbed his 8th gold yesterday to break Mark Spitz's 36 year old record.
You can also credit him for my failure to update my blog.

Less than a week to go now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Office Olympians

The latest medal count at the office:

0 gold.
0 silver.
0 bronze.


0 overtime pay (ako lang si saro nasa Beijing)

Will the OR (Overtime Record) be shattered before the closing ceremonies? Will a new world record for no sleep at home be broken before the 24th?

Not-so-random images from Day Four: