Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Rants: Green Day, WNBA on a Wednesday

2:03 PM: Day started badly as i lose another 50 pesos to my (new) officemate over a WNBA game (Phoenix failed to cover and actually lost the game). Double bad news right there: actually betting on a WNBA game and being a bad influence to my officemate. Total down for this week: -150 pesos. i would like to believe it's beginner's luck for him. (well, i can't think of any other excuse really)

2:08 PM: Random winamp declares Green Day shall be the band of the day. So i unclick random and this means its all day Green day from now 'til 5PM or so.

2:56 PM: Billy Joe sings, "i was a young boy that had big plans, and now i am another shitty old man."

3:01 PM: Billy Joe sings, "i can not speak, i've lost my voice, i am speechless and redundant."

3:57 PM: Just learned that salary will be released on... the 31st! Ffffuck.

And that officially ends (and kills) the day.

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